Do you think that the paragon could endure the decline in a 30-06?

Yes, it can hold .3006 cal

Is there any 2-16 in your Continental lineup, be it sfp or ffp?

We have Continental 8x 2-16x44 SFP riflescope, for both hunting and tactical style

I received the red dot but it doesnt work so i removed the dove tail to see if the battery is dead and it doesnt look like it has a battery? Am i suppose to buy a battery for it?


Hello, friend Sorry, because with the battery customs may check, you need to buy a CR2032 type of battery.

Hello can you please told me for what Reason Are there those two screwes on the back of your red Dot victoptics spx 1x22, thank you for answer...


Hello, friend. After tightening, the two screws can be used to lock the elevation and windage

I've got Frenzy-S 1x17x24 AUT - 3 MOA - SCRD-52 that failed, could you please advise how lifetime warranty works?

Hellofriend. The lifetime warranty card is in the box.  If you have problem with your use time, you can send an email to  Our professional after-sale service will help you

Do your red dot specially the vector optics frenzy 1x22x26 is compatible to real steal gun like my cz p10f OR(optic ready)?

Hello, friend. All our Frenzy series of Frenzy-x can be Compatible with your plate trijicon rmr

Is the glass quality the same on the Sentinel SCOL-34 and the Minotaur SCOL-36 ?

Hello,friend. Not quite the same. SCOL-34 more fit  Benchrest Target Shooting and general shooting. SCOL-36 more fit LR, XLR and Precision Competition Shooting

I am comparing your two different lpvo the CONTINENTAL 1-6X24 LPVO SFP (SCOC-23) and the CONSTANTINE 1-6X24I FIBER DOT RETICLE (SCOC-36) , I am wondering which on has the brighter reticle since the two reticle are similiar.

Hello, friend. CONTINENTAL 1-6X24 LPVO SFP (SCOC-23) and the CONSTANTINE 1-6X24I FIBER DOT RETICLE (SCOC-36) all have a center dot. SCOC-23 with 6 levels of red illumination, and SCOC-36 with 11 levels of red illumination. But 11 levels may not be brighter than 6 levels in actual use. The special feature: SCOC-36 ---- Advanced Fiber Center Dot Reticle with Illumination Can Be Even Used under the Strongest Sunlight

Which protective cap is compatible with the maverick magnifier 3x22? SCOT-59 OR SCOT-59II?


SCOT-59II: SCRD-33, SCRD-12II, SCRD-12(fit for 28.5-30mm diameter)  

For Protection caps, what series of scope can they match?

lFlip-up caps of scopes: Continental series, Paragon GenII series


lCaps of red dot sight


SCOT-59II: SCRD-33, SCRD-12II, SCRD-12(fit for 28.5-30mm diameter)  

For power ring throw levels, what series of scope can they match?

SCCON-TL: Continental series, Marksman series, Aston series, Sentinel series(included Sentinel-X), Grizzly series, Grimlock, Swift, Minotaur, Constantine, Tourex, Hugo

SCOT-57FF: Swift, Mustang, Veyron, Constantine, Zalem, OPSL22/23


How to choose scope rings?

There are a few factors that you need to take account when choosing scope rings: Your scope ring size, your scope ring height, your scope ring material, 1 piece or 2 pieces mount, 5.Picatinny/Weaver/Dovetail rails and scope rings.

The "shock tested to 750g" indicates that some scopes tolerate up to .338, and for others should not exceed .308. Same thing for the "Shock tested to 1000g". I wanted to put a forester (750g) on a 30-06 but I hesitate.

The forester is not made for a 30-06 I think, the paragon is special on the vector optics site, but personally the continental 34mm is a big level up. The finish of the turrents, the clarity of the lens, and the 34mm tube make all the difference. If your budget allows it, I strongly recommend it. Otherwise the paragon never fails me.

Is the center point of Paragon 3-15x50SFP GENII reticle really bright?

Yes, it has 6 illumination. At the end of the day when hunting when it gets dark, you have to lower the intensity to a minimum otherwise it's too bright

Why are Paragon 1 inch riflescopes second focal plane and not first focal?

Hi, the new Paragon scopes are SFP because it would be more cost-effective. As you know, there are few FFP 1 inch scopes in the market now due to cost factors and adjustment range limitations. So we thought it would be better to design it in SFP

Question on the scrapper battery: Normal lithium ion battery? Will the solar still charge that, or do you need a special rechargeable battery?

Hi, it use a CR2032 lithium ion battery. The solar panel works when you are using it outside(on sunny days). The solar doesn't charge the battery, but can be used automatically under sunshine

What for is scale marked on picture?


It can help you to estimate the distance between you and target reference to the target same size as human tall (180cm). By put the lower part of the target (feet) to the bottom line and see where the higher part is, if it touch 6 mean the target range from you is 600 meter.

I just received Vector Optics Continental 5-30x56 34mm with MBR reticle, but I wanted the VCT reticle, is MRB not too complicated for hunting?

Both are MRAD scope so basic usage are the same. My personal preference is toward to MBR because it give you more detail and more precise hold over.

Can the glass of centurio withstand the impact of an airsoft bb?

Hello, friend. It can withstand that impact. Centurio is designed for real steel

What's "SFP" in riflescope?

Hi friend, SFP means second focal plane, SFP optics house the reticle behind the erector tube assembly. With second focal plane optics, the reticle remains the same size throughout its magnification range.

How would your glass hold up in cold and harsh arctic enviroments?

Hi, our customers have tested our scope in cold environment, and there's no problem

Can this work with pistol suppressor iron sight?

Hi friend, if your pistol has heightened iron sight, then it works; We are also developing adapters compatible with GLOCK MOS, RMR and CZ Shadow2 Optics-Ready

How the BDC reticle works? In .308 WIN. The manual dont explain that

Hi, BDC scopes work by using a reticle pattern that predicts how much a bullet will drop at a given range. We will make videos/write articles to explain more deails, please stay tuned

Does Frenzy Plus co-witness with sights? Looks high on the mount

Hi friend, it can cowitness with iron sights, depends on different pistol models, will reveal more details when the sight comes out

What is tek footprint? 

Hi, TEK footprint is compatible with Docter footprint

Do you have adapters for mounting Frenzy Plus on CZ pistols?

Hi, we have an adapter specifically designed for G17 etc pistols with MOS platform, check out SCFRM-12 on

Will Frenzy Plus reflex sight hold up ok on a Weihrauch HW45 spring pistol?

Hi, this enclosed sight is designed for real firearms, can hold up to 1000g shock proof

Which optics you recommend for airsoft DMR?For shooting at 70-100m?

Hi, our S6 1-6x24 scope would be perfect for it

Does the continental mbr 4-24×56 ffp come with the turret without a zero stop?

Yes, it comes with an extra turret with no zero-stop.

What models of scopes for shooting from 500 to 1,000 yards?

Hello, I will recommend our Continental FFP and ED series. Best lens quality among our rifle scopes.

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