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Zero Stop and Zero Reset

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2023-09-14 15:35:05 469 0

Evelyn: hi stephen, when purchasing riflescopes, i've been hearing a lot about zero stop and zero reset. 

Im quite confused, can you explain what these terms mean?

Stephen: sure, evelyn. Zero stop and zero reset are two important features in riflescope adjustments. 

Before we talk about them, i have a question for you, do you know how do shooters zero their scopes 


Evelyn: yes, when a shooter zeroes their scope, they are aligning the reticle with the point of impact 

for a specific distance. Under normal circumstances, the shooter would then make adjustments to 

the scope to account for changes in distance or other factors. Check out picture 1 for reference.

picture 1.jpg

Stephen: yes, and a zero stop for scopes is a feature that allows the shooter to quickly return the 

scope to its original zero point without having to make any adjustment.

Evelyn: i see. And how to achieve zero stop?

Stephen: the process varies depending on the brand and model of the riflescope. First, the 

shooter needs to determine the zero point by shooting at a target at a known distance and 

making adjustments until the point of impact(poi) matches the point of aim(poa). Once the 

zero point is established, the shooter can set the zero stop mechanism to prevent dialing 

below the zero point. Here we take two turret caps from vector optics as an example.

Continental 8x tactical series scope

1. Release the 3 screws on the elevation turret and remove the cap.

2. Release the 3 screws of the internal plate.

3. Following the internal plates direction and rotate it to the end

4. Tighten the internal 3 screws

5. Cover the cap at 0 position, tighten the 3 screws

picture 2.jpg

34mm continental tactical series scope

1. Aim your target and zero the scope

2. Use the plastic wrench to release and remove the top screw.

3. Take off the turret cap

4. Rotate the inner ring clockwise until it stops

5. Tighten the cap

picture 3.jpg

Evelyn: i see. And what about zero reset?

Stephen: zero reset is a mechanism that allows the shooter to reset the turret to the zero point 

after making adjustments for elevation and windage.

Evelyn: and how to achieve it?

Stephen: to use zero reset, the shooter needs to unscrew the turret cap and adjust the turret to 

zero, then reattach the cap and tighten it securely. 

Here we take vector optics marksman series scope as an example.

Marksman series scope

1. Loosen the center screw with the wrench and take it off.

2. Take off the turret cap.

3. Align the mark 0 on the turret cap with the click marker on the scope.

4. Tighten the center screw with the wrench; done.

picture 4.jpg

Evelyn: that makes sense. And how to choose between zero stop and zero reset?

Stephen: the choice between zero stop and zero reset comes down to personal preference and use case. 

Zero stop allows for quick return to zero but has limited range of adjustments, 

while zero reset provides a reliable reference point but can be time-consuming when resetting turret.

Evelyn: i see. So for long-range precision shooting, zero stop may be preferred for its added accuracy, 

while zero reset may be more useful for hunting or tactical applications where quick adjustments are 

needed. Am i correct?

Stephen: yes, thats right!

Evelyn: great! Ive learned a lot today! I cant wait to share what i learned with you all, check out picture 

5 for a brief summary!

picture 5.jpg


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