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The Review of Paragon 4-20x50 1inch Scope

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2023-06-08 14:04:18 329 0

Paragon 4-20x50 1inch Scope.png

Paragon 4-20x50 1" Tube Scope(SCOL-T44) My Thoughts on this Scope:

Anyone looking to get a scope with amazing clarity, you should check out the Vector Paragon in 1" Tube Series. I have been using this over the past month and have done several shooting sessions.

This scope has made me a believer in 1 inch tube scopes again. As an avid benchrest and sport shooter as well as hunter, I have fallen in the same trap as many, always going straight for scopes with 30mm tubes and overlooking similar scopes in 1”. However, this is because many manufactures have poor lens quality resulting in a poor shooting experience.

Paragon 4-20x50 1inch Scope 2.png

I am always skeptical when it comes to expectation on clarity of scopes. Having tested and owned scopes from $30 - $3600, I am very picky when it comes to my expectations, especially on scopes above $400 USD. I feel at that point you should start expecting good quality and having a great experience. Well, all I can say is the Vector Paragon has gone above my expectations. The entire build quality of this build is comparable to many scopes several hundred dollars more. In fact, the LaRee and VePRO Lens used in this scope is what sold me. It has an amazing 90% light transmission.This means you will be able to see clearer and for longer periods in the dawn and dawk hours. This scope is crystal clear with edge to edge clarity and has a forgiving eye box and no noticeable ringing.

I tested the 4-20x50T on three platforms, a Remington 700 30-06 rifle, A Ruger 10/22 match rifle, and a Benjamin Akela .22cal PCP air gun. The longest range I have shot so far is 300yards and the shots were on paper and zeroed and still had additional windage. The Vector Paragon with the 1” tube had plenty of travel for shooters not expecting to shoot over 400-500 yards. At that point you may consider a 30mm tube scope. I would say most shooters will not shoot more than 200 yards for the 1” tube will serve you well. If you shoot airguns and need a scope for backyard pasting and longer range shots, this scopes parallax dials all the way down to 10 yards. yep 10 yards so its a perfect fit for those close up shots.

Paragon 4-20x50 1inch Scope 3.png

I did some test ranging a target a 10, 25. 50, 100 and 200 yards. Known distances were then dialed on the parallax to test if parallax wheel corresponded to the known distances. I found that dialed perfectly.

Another thing that I liked about the scope I tested was the Zero Stop and the Locking Turrets. Both worked perfect. Matter of fact you do not have to worry about the locking turrets being bumped loose.

This scope did include very high quality rings. The rings are precision made and you can feel and see the quality.

I really have been enjoying this scope. So far it has seen the range 16 times in the last 30 days. I have it permanently installed on the 10/22 Match rifle, as it has a nice thin reticle for precision shooting. If you’re looking at a great scope that is not too heavy, has adequate elevation travel and amazing optical clarity, you should check out the Vector Paragon in 1” tube series. It ha ndled the recoil of a 30-06 and tracks perfectly. The turrets are crisp and audible. This is not spongy feeling it feels great when dialing the turrets. And lets not forget this scope has a LIFETIME Warranty a Great bonus to have.

Feel free if you have and questions on this scope as far as user experience and I will try to answer you questions the best I can. Again so I am sold, I am a sucker for clear glass and this has it.

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