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The Review of Paragon 6-30x56 SFP GenII

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2023-06-08 12:00:06 780 0

Vector Optics Paragon 6-30x56 SFP GenII(SCOL-27) Scope Feturing the 30mm Tube Evaluation.

Rifle scopes are one of the single most important items you can add to your rifle, weather it be for hunting, target shooting or simply good ole fashion plinking. Open sights do have their place, however for precision and accuracy a scope eliminates errors and enhances the shooters’ ability to acquire and shoot targets at a much greater distance. Last month I discussed the advantages of scopes that feature 1” tubes. Check my post and blog where I reviewed the Paragon Tactical Model featuring a 1” tube. I briefly mentioned that sometimes you may benefit from scopes with larger tubes, 30mm for example. So, after an extensive review of the Paragon 6-30x56 Second Focal Plane GenII Riflescope, I want to discuss the benefits of larger scope tube diameters. Also I want to share my experience while testing and while at the range with the Paragon 30mm Series Scopes.


Let us discuss what makes the Vector Paragon 30mm Tube Series Scopes unique and what similarities it has in common with the 1” tube Paragon variants. First to mention right out of the gate is that they are well built, just like the 1” tube variant. It features the LaRee Optical Lenses that allow 90% light transmission through the objective. For my Testing at dawn and dusk I was able to get a few more minutes of hunting due to the light transmission compared to many of my scopes. Vector Paragon Scopes can offer a level of clarity and precision that is simply not possible with traditional lenses, and it clearly sets them apart from scopes in the same price bracket. The lenses feature edge to edge clarity even at full magnification.


The Vector Paragon 6-30x56 is durable and tough. They are designed to withstand the elements and the rigors of use. When I go to the range and on hunting trips my firearms and air rifles from time to time tend to get bounced around time to time. I do have to go off road when I hunt and over rough terrain. So far, I have never lost my zero on a Vector scope. So, let us get into it and discuss the testing and how it faired at the range. Not to mention this scope is rated to handle the recoil of a .338 Lapua Magnum. Now that is tough.

In our testing we mounted The Vector Paragon 6-30x56 on a $2200 .30 caliber FX Impact M3 Precision Air Rifle. They are work horses for hunting and tournament shooting. The reasons I selected this scope were for a couple reasons. One of the reasons was for the 30mm tune. A 30mm tube gives you more turret adjustment vs its 1” counterpart.


Mounted to FX Impact .30 Caliber

For precision air gun applications, I needed a scope with adequate adjustment to shoot 200-300 yards. With the ballistic specs of a pellet or a slug this is equivalent to shooting long range comparable to shooting 600-1000 yards with a centerfire rifle. You have considerable projectile drops from an air gun at those ranges.


Shooting 200 Yards


However, the FX Impact is designed for long range shooting. So, to accomplish that task I needed a scope that would offer a more generous amount of elevation adjustment in the turrets, and this is where the 30mm tube variant shines. Another excellent feature is that this scopes Parallax adjust from 15 yards to infinity. 15 Yard parallax is imperative for close range hunting and shooting encounters. So, this ticked the check box off for t my application and use. It also features the VPA-2 Mil Reticle. This is imperative for serious shooters that need the ability for quick ranging and holdover estimates when acquiring targets at various distances. Again, another check box marked off. The reticle also is a fine reticle. For precision shooting, especially target shooting where you are trying to hit the x ring as many times as possible a finer reticle gives you better precision.

So, what did I do at the range, you may ask? Well, I wanted to see if this could hit a plate of steel measuring approximately 7”x9” at 200 yards shotting .30 caliber slugs. I dialed in the ballistics using my ballistic calculator after I had the rifle zeroed at 50 yards. I wanted a challenge to test the retile holdover capabilities, so rather than dialing in my shot with the turrets I wanted to know firsthand how accurate the holdover marks on the mil reticle were. My calculation shooting a 50gr slug at 924 fps called for 10.6 Mils up and .8 Mils left to compensate for a 4mlh wind. That effective put me out of dial range so holdover was necessary. The target was in the lower right quadrant of the scope reticle. I took the first shot and IMPACT. I rang the steel target plate. To ensure it was not a fluke, I attempted the shot again, and IMPACT I rang the steel Target again. I then dialed my turrets to bring the target in line with the reticle and continued to ring the target time after time.


9x9 plate at 200 Yards

This has built my confidence in not only the tracking abilities in the reticle when dialed, it also built my confidence in the accuracy of the holdover marks on the reticle as they are dead on true and accurate. The adjustability in the 30mm tube allowed me to dial in to a degree I would not have been able to use the 1” tube. The 30mm variant of Vector Paragon scope is an excellent choice for all shooter disciplines, however it will really shine for anyone needing a scope with the added adjustability in the turrets in this 30mm tube design. The fine cross hair reticle is great for precision work and the LeRee glass clarity just enhances the overall experience of this scope. Also, if you are a shooter that relies on holdover, the accuracy of the holdover marks is dead on. 

That is critical for those shooters looking to engage targets quickly without the need to dial in your turret adjustments.


Comparison of 1 vs 30mm

We utilized TriggerCam 2.1, which allowed us to film our range session and testing of the Vector Paragon 6-30x56 30mm scope and were able to capture the reticle so you can see first-hand what we are seeing through the scope.

The Vector Paragon 6-30x56 in 30mm scope offers many advantages over many other competitor scopes. The 30mm tube offers plenty of turret adjustability for shooters looking to engage long range targets and is suitable for air rifles to magnum center fire rifles. Vector also offers the Paragon in 1” tubes and they have their benefits as well. If you need to shoot extreme long range, consider the Vector professional Continental Series that come in a generous 34mm tube both allowing the extra reticle adjustments needed for extreme long-range shooting.

I love that Vector offers a variety of scopes for different applications. Some of the most popular Vector Paragon scopes are the Vector Paragon 30mm tubes series. They are certainly worth checking out and will enhance you shooting enjoyment.



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