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The Guide of Header & Accessories

The official release
2023-02-27 14:55:23 170 0

The Guide of Header:

Our official website upgraded and header changed! Now website is renewed with more detailed categories, academic or other blogs and multiple cooperation choices.

1、To bring you a better shopping experience in our online official website. Please click the link to see more:

Now the website is renewed with seven contents of headerHomeShop byRecommendOpticsAccessoriesPolicyInfoWhy is there such a classification? Check out the below!

·Shop by: 

Classifications of 3 types of products -- New arrival; Hot sales; Super deals.


Classifications according to the applicable scenarios and features of productsThere's always a scene when you need a scope! There is always a scene that suits for you



Classifications according to different series and types of products.



You can easily find items you wanted and know more details about academic blogs, newsletter and hot sale & new arrival. You can learn from there and choose a one with the most convenient and efficient way.

2、To bring you a better understanding of products and more other cooperation information in our official website. Please click the link to see more:

Now the website is renewed with four contents of headerWhy VectorProductSupportExplore. So, what’s the difference meaning of theseLets check out the below!



The different categories of products are classified. Different categories of products will be subdivided into different series of products. Want to know our different products in the same series, click on this header. Besides, you can see the latest products that are not yet on the stockKnow more about our new product in advance.


Blogs, warranty, dealer distributor, resource, FAQ


In there, you can to know more about the products. And you can find distributors in your countries so that you can see the products when you ordering. Of course, if you have a certain consumer market, you can also apply for a dealer distributor at there.



Accessories Guide:

To make it convenience to use, many shooters will pair their scopes with additional accessories. A suited accessories will help you at your shooting. We have different accessories for different series. Do you know which series of products correspond to the accessories? You can easily find the accessories you need by using information of below. let's take a look about this


  • Power ring throw level

SCCON-TL: Continental series, Marksman series, Aston series, Sentinel series(included Sentinel-X), Grizzly series, Grimlock, Swift, Minotaur, Constantine, Tourex, Hugo

SCOT-57FF: Swift, Mustang, Veyron, Constantine, Zalem, OPSL22/23


  • Protection cap

1. Flip-up caps of scopes: Continental series, Paragon GenII series

2. Caps of red dot sight


SCOT-59II: SCRD-33, SCRD-12II, SCRD-12(fit for 28.5-30mm diameter)  

  • Big side focus wheel

SCOT-47M: Maskman series, Paragon GenII series, Aston series, Sentinel series(included Sentinel-X), Minotaur, Everest, Zalem

SCCON-SW: Continental series

*Search for the correspond SKU number(such as: SCCON-TL) and you’ll find you wanted in our online official shop.

IWA Show 2023:

We will bring several new products and hot sales to the IWA show 2023. Since 2016, we took participate in the IWA show almost every year. We were glad to see more and more fans and customers coming to the show.


For the IWA show 2023, we have prepared some surprises for you! We will share our new products and hot sales to this show with you. The new Continental x6 Coyote FDE scope & Paragon 1inch scope and Frenzy enclosed & Scrapper solar red dot sight and others will be displayed. Which one are you most looking forward to?

Want to know the new and hot sales of Vector Optics? See us at booth #1-436 in IWA on Nuremberg, Germany in the near future. From 2 to 5 March 2023, we are waiting for you!


The Vision of 2023:

In the new year, Vector Optics will also a year of growth. Vector Optics has been specialized in scope field for 17 years, and we would never stop making persistent efforts in improving our products and services. Vector Optics will:


1、Tougher quality control and better-fitting design of products. Give customers a better product experience.

2Promotes social media team have a better cooperation with collaborators, bringing real feedback and collecting suggestions for product improvement to everyone.


3Optimize our logistics team, devoting ourselves to solving any possible problems of different kinds of shipment. Avoiding accidents that may occur during transportation, so that the packages can arrive on time safely. 


4After-sales service system to solve consumers' problems more quickly and effectively.

Our promiseIf you have a problem please feel free to contact us, and give us a chance, we will definitely help you solve with a way that you satisfied.


5Expand distribution business and promote better cooperation with dealers.


We sincerely invite you to experience our updated products and service. If don't experience by self, so how can feel the difference.

*If you have a problem or any suggestions on our products or services, please contact us to




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