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Paragon 4x24 Micro Prism Scope Review

The official release
2023-01-13 11:52:08 1967 0

Like with the previous 3x prism(SCPS-M03) review, the new 4x(SCPS-M04) continues with clearly, at this price range I highly doubt you’ll find a better quality glass.


What separates this from the other prism scopes from Vector, you have the option to mount a red dot on top of the scope using the MAG (RMSc) footprint. I paired with SCRD-52 red dot with automatic controls for having the freedom of not having to fumble with red dot controls I feel this is the best way to use the added feature, you just know if you need to use it for close-in work it’s there and on always when needed.

4x gives you the best of both worlds, it still works well for close to medium and even some medium-long range, you can see the pictures below where the targets are 300m away and still clearly visible, and easy to make shots even at dusk thanks to the clarity of the glass.


The scope is slightly longer than the 3x but still is very compact. Controls have been moved to the side and are easy to use, pressing either button turns the led light that illuminates the etched reticle with decent levels of brightness even for daytime use, but if you run out of battery, you can still see the black etched reticle.


*The pictures above where the targets are 300m.

A cold weather test was also conducted as it’s quite cold in my part of the world already and snow had no effect on the performance, as the scope is filled with nitrogen no fogging happened either. So, this is a good option for any weather condition.

The scope comes with good accessories, on top of the usual accessories that come with all vector optics scopes and red dots you also get one spacer block to make the scope slightly higher. As the scope uses Aimpoint micro footprint it is easy to find aftermarket mounting solutions that will suit anyone’s shooting preferences, vector optics also sells a lot of mounts in this footprint.


The windage and elevation controls give an audible click and are easy to adjust with the supplied tool, but in a pinch, you can use almost anything such as your nail to move it as it’s just a slotted screw. My only wish is that instead of 1 MOA per click it would be ½ MOA for more precise zeroing.


Key points of the scope (most same as 3x)

Glass clarity

Compact size

Footprint aftermarket accessories

Adjustment rings give good audible clicks

Low weight

Lifetime warranty (who else at this price point gives that?)

Field of view best in class

Sunshield included

Ability to mount a variety of red dots on top for close-in shooting

Absolutely the best price-to-performance ratio

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