【Weekly】Flash Sale! Large discount on Taurus 3-18x50FFP Riflescope!

September 17th, 2022

Flash Sale! Large discount on Taurus 3-18x50FFP Riflescope!

What are the hot sale rifle scopes besides our Continental line? Well, our Taurus 30mm FFP line rifle scope is definitely the top 3 hot products of Vector Optics! Its crisp and clear, precise with turret lock system and designed for Long Range Precision Shooting & Hunting, Tactical Engagements! For this series, we have 1-6x24, 3-18x50, 4-24x50 and 5-30x56, can meet all your shooting needs! P.S. we offer a lifetime warranty for this series!

To thank our customers’ support, especially customers from Brazil, we have selected 30 Taurus 3-18x50FFP Rifle scopes for flash sale event on AliExpress, R724 off! The event will last for 3 hours only on 2022/9/17, first come first served!


How to participate?

Search "Vector Optics Official Store" on Aliexpress or click on the link here:


Event Time

Available from 21:00 to 24:00 on September 17th, Brazil time.

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Besides the flash sale event on AliExpress, we also have multiple giveaway events on our Facebook group, where you can also get honest customer feedback and interact with them! Join the group on Facebook!



New! Maverick-II 1x22 GRA Reflex Sight Graphite

When talking about reflex sights, our Maverick series are always customers’ first choice. They are compact, durable and suitable for AR platform & other rifle & shotgun. Till now, the Maverick series have launched four generations, but the second generation of Maverick remains popular among customers. To offer more options for our customers, and to better serve customers’ shooting needs, we now add a new color to Maverick-II 1x22 Reflex Sight - the light graphite color (SCRD-GY12).

Before talking about whats changed in the new reflex sight, lets first review main features of the black version Maverick-II reflex sight (SCRD-12II).


What’s the difference between SCRD-12II and SCRD-GY12?

Besides the different color finish, the most notable difference between the two reflex sights is the mount, SCRD-12II is equipped with QD picatinny mount, whereas SCRD-GY12 is equipped with QD picatinny cantilever mount. The cantilever mount can push the reflex sight a bit forward, which offers better eye relief and field of view, as well as some space on the rail in the back of the rifle. In that way, you can also mount a magnifier or something else in the back of the reflex sight.

Another difference is that SCRD-12II is an anodizing body, whereas SCRD-GY12 is a spray-paint body.


How to order?

For business:


For retail:


Or contact sales@vectoroptics.com

For cooperation, please get in touch with her@vectoroptics.com

FAQ of the week

What Vector Optics magnifiers is SCRD-GY12 compatible with?

For SCRD-GY12, it is compatible with all Maverick magnifiers directly, it is also compatible with Paragon 3x18 magnifier micro using the riser section to adapt perfectly. Check out the chart below for reference.


If you have any questions or advice on Maverick-II 1x22 GRA Reflex Sight Graphite, welcome to contact service@vectoroptics.com for support. 

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