【Weekly】Vector Optics x AliExpress flash sale event!

September 01th, 2022

Do you know that August marks the birth month of Vector Optics? Fifteen years ago, our company was founded, and since then, we have been committed to the development and innovation of various optics and optical accessories. Looking back, Vector Optics is so grateful for our customers' support and love; Forging ahead, we are confident to bring you better services and higher-quality products!  

To thank our customers, we have prepared a 15th anniversary sale on AliExpress from August 22rd to August 26th, with large-amount coupons and discounts, up to 30% off! Did you seize the chance and get your favorite items in the 15th anniversary sale? For many Brazilian customers, our Maverick series are their favorite products. Well, we now have 100 brand-new Maverick GenII 1X22 Red Dot Sights ready for a flash sale! Exclusive for our Brazilian customers! Dont miss the chance again! 


How to participate?

Search "Vector Optics Official Store" on Aliexpress or click on the link here: https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/4000243816213.html

Event Time

Available from 21:00 to 24:00 on August 31th, Brazil time.

Join us on our Facebook Group!

Besides the flash sale event on AliExpress, we also have multiple giveaway events on our Facebook group, where you can also get honest customer feedback and interact with them! https://www.facebook.com/groups/vectoropticscope

New arrival! Continental x8 SFP Scope ED

If you have been following us for a while or have used our products before, then you must have heard of our top premium line of products - the Continental series! For this series, we have Continental x6 SFP Rifle scopes in hunting and tactical style, Continental x6 34mm FFP Rifle scopes, and the 2022 new Continental x8 SFP Rifle scopes ED, in both hunting and Tactical styles! Available models in 1-8x24, 2-16x44, 3-24x56 and 4-32x56. Lets first talk about the main features of the Continental x8 SFP scopes ED.

Main features

ØHunting style

lCrystal Clear Image, ED Glass, Light Transmission Reaches 93%

l30mm Mono-tube, 8x Zoom Factor, Capped 1/4MOA

lEtched Glass Illuminated Reticle, Constant 95mm 3.7in Eye Relief

lLaREE Lens & VePRO FMC, Extra-Low Dispersion Glass

lTVIP Lifetime Warranty


ØTactical style

lCrystal Clear Image, ED Glass, Light Transmission Reaches 93%

l30mm Mono-tube, 8x Zoom Factor

lElevation with ZERO STOP Feature, Windage w/ Turret Lock

l1/10MIL, 1cm, 0.1MRAD Precision Adjustment

lTactical Etched Glass Illuminated Reticle, Constant 95mm 3.7 Inch Long Eye Relief

lLaREE Lens & VePRO FMC, Extra-Low Dispersion Glass

lTVIP Lifetime Warranty


Available for order now, please visit www.vectoroptics.comor contact sales@vectoeoptics.com

Why choose ED glass?

For hunters, the most essential glass type is probably ED glass, also known as Extra Low Dispersion glass. ED glass can reduce chromatic aberration significantly as it is specially formulated and contains rare-earth compounds. Compared to standard glasses, ED glass has extra-low dispersion, which means a clearer image quality and better contrast, eliminating visual defects. Besides, ED glass is also famous for its vivid image color and high light transmission rate thanks to its rare-earth elements, so even in low-light conditions, it can still offer you a sharp, crystal clear image without dispersion.


Our Continental x8 SFP scopes adopt German Optics System by Using LaREE Lens & VePRO FMC, ED Glass, with an excellent light transmission rate of up to 93%! You can even enjoy shooting at dawn or dusk!

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