【weekly】Valentine’s Gift for All Those Who Love Hunting!

March 01th, 2022

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Who did you spend Valentine's Day with and what did you do to celebrate?

VE celebrated it with a new lover this year: Continental 8x ED!


It’s new, hot and extraordinary!

But what exactly makes the scope so charming?

1、German optics system by using LaREE lens & VePRO FMC

The new series use LaREE lenses and VePRO multi-coating, which offer incredible brightness and color details. The excellent lens material and optics system deliver the super diamond clear image with very little distortion, you can shoot at dawn, dusk and even night.

2、HT (high transmission) glass to provide >90% light transmission

As you can see in the above picture, Continental 8x Ed scopes use German Schott ED glass, which offers a much clearer image than normal glass. What’s ED glass? And what’s the difference between ED glass and normal glass?


The picture above shows basically what ED glass does and its difference from normal glass.

ED glass, also known as “extra-low dispersion glass”, it can reduce chromatic aberration and ensure that all wavelengths of light actually focus on the same point. Through the ED glass, you can see a highly contrasting image with almost no color distortion.

Meanwhile, ED’s high quality, rare-earth elements are known for producing images with outstanding, true-to-life color and excellent light transmission. Especially when lighting conditions are dim.

Normal glass, however, has chromatic aberration during observation. The image is usually not very sharp and has a bad contrast.

Our Continental 8x ED scopes are featured for the ED lens glass, and the light transmission rate can be up to over 90%, hunting can be so easy with Continental 8x ED scopes!  

For more info, please conact sales@vectoroptics.com

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First event after CNY! Birthday ceremony!

It’s the second week after the Chinese New Year holiday, and VE has already held an event. We held a birthday ceremony for people who have recent birthday, happy birthday to them and may them forward in the future with confidence and luck!


VE cares a lot about our staff’s well-being, each year we hold various events and activities to help our staff keep a balance between work and life, just as our slogan says, “be safe, have fun!”

FAQ of the week

Why won’t my red dot illuminate on Frenzy?

1、the red dot doesn’t illuminate at first use

Please try different brand batteries of CR2032 3.0V. Sometimes the red dot does not turn on when you put new battery inside, but the red dot turns on normally after you put different brand battery inside. If it’s still not working, please try to pull the circuit metal contact to see if this will help? Check below pictures for reference. 


2、The red dot does not illuminate after several shots

Please try to pull the circuit metal contact to see if this will help? Check above pictures for reference.

If the red dot is still not illuminating, please contact service@vectoroptics.com for support!

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