2021 Annual Newsletter

January 28th, 2022

Happy New Year!

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

Winter Olympics? World Cup? TV?

For shooters, it's a simple question! What else can be more exciting than the release of new optics?

Well, Vector Optics knows you well! We have prepared not only scopes and red dot sights, but also night vision devices! Check out the "2022 New Products Map" from below!

For more info, please contact: sales@vectoroptics.com

Join the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:


2022 New Products.jpg

For the just passed year, it has been remarkable for Vector Optics despite the pandemic. In 2021, we are proud to announce that many of our products won favor of our customers and became hot selling items! So, what are the top 3 best-selling products? More details are unfolded in below! (Click the image to the product link)

Top 3 Best Sellers

Top 3 Optics

Forester 1-5x24SFP GenII Riflescope


Continental 5-30x56 FFP Riflescope


Matiz 3-9x40SFP MIL Riflescope


Top 3 Red Dot Sights

Maverick Red Dot Sight


Frenzy Red Dot Sight


Scrapper Red Dot Sight


Top 3 Other Lines

Gunpany 9mm Snap Caps


9mm Cartridge Red Laser Bore Sight


Rokstad ELP V Mount Tripod


These items are still hot and have plenty in stock, feel free to purchase them at our online store: https://vector2007.com/

Team Growth

2021 marks a year of team growth for Vector Optics!

First, our team members expanded with 52% of staff increase compared to 2020. We now have a larger team focused on serving you better! Especially our QC/R&D/Logistics/Customer Service department, so what’s the difference now? Check out the picture from below!


Second, we got our official website upgraded and online store size increased! Now the website is renewed with more detailed categories, academic blogs and multiple shipment choices, you can easily find items you want to buy or knowledge you want to learn about optics, and choose the most convenient ways of shipment!



Last but not least, the team building activities and travels we had together in 2021 have made the team stick together as one. Now facing 2022, we are more confident of offering you better service and higher-quality products!


Brand Ambassador Program

We started a Brand Ambassador Program in 2021! Here’s why you should join it!


Although it was the first year of our Brand Ambassador Program, thanks to our customer’s love and support, we now have 14 official brand ambassadors and 16 more in review! Our brand ambassadors range over 5 continents and 12 countries, and they are all passionate about shooting!

If you also have an insight in shooting field but not yet our brand ambassador, then what are you wait for? Just click here and apply!



2021 is also a year of activities. We have hold various activities throughout the year to benefit our customers. Of them, 2 big sales campaigns and 3 huge social media events stand out, which include Double-11 and Black Friday Sales Campaign, Father’s Day, Halloween and Christmas & New Year Social Media Event.


These activities have all achieved good results and won popularity among our consumers. The Double-11 and Black Friday Sales Campaign have increased our sales by almost 40% on Shopify compared to 2020, and over 107% of increase on our own website! What’s more, 20 lucky people won the prizes for our social media events! 2021 is definitely a year of harvest!

For 2022, we intend to hold more diverse activities both online and offline to benefit our customers! If you have missed the campaigns or events in 2021, don’t worry, 2022 is ahead and you can still seize the opportunity!

2022 Commitment

Today, Vector Optics has been specialized in scope field for 14 years, and has become one of the best top-rated riflescopes in the new century, but we would never stop making persistent efforts in improving our products and services. In the new year, Vector Optics will:

1、Complete upgrading our official website to bring you a better shopping experience;

2、Optimize our logistics team, devoting ourselves to solving any possible problems of different kinds of shipment, avoiding accidents that may occur during transportation, so that the packages can arrive on time safely;

3、Improve our American branch and local warehouse, making sure you get the most efficient and considerate local service possible!

If you have any suggestions on our products or services, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: service@vectoroptics.com, we'd love to hear your voice!

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