Approaching Vector Optics December News & Tips

November 24th, 2020

Inventory of Best-Selling Products in 2019

2019 has been successfully completed, and over 100,000.00 products of Vector Optics have been sold to more than 30 countries in the past year. Now let's look at the best-selling products in 2019!

1.  Best-selling Red Dot Sight

Maverick 1x22 GenII Red Dot Sight


Maverick 1x22 sold 5863 pieces in 2019 due to its comprehensive functions and ultra-high cost performance, becoming the champion in ‘Red Dot Sight’ category. If you are a novice and want to buy a red dot, Maverick 1x22 GenⅡis your first choice!!

2.  Best-selling Riflescope

1579753582513468.jpgA total of 1666 Mustang 1.5-4x30SFP were sold in 2019. It was its Chevron Etched Glass Reticle, Red、Green & Blue Illumination and strong earthquake resistance made it be the most popular riflescope in 2019.

3.  Top5 Best-selling Accessories

1)    9mm Snap Cap

2)    9mm / 308WIN Laser Boresight

3)    30mm / 40mm Offset ACD mount 

4)    Scope Power Ring Lever 

5)    Red Dot Protection Cap

The total sales of the above accessories in 2019 exceeded 10,000 pieces! These accessories produced by Vector Optics are not only convenient but also of good quality and low price!

Recent Hot-Selling Products

1579753776210220.jpgSnap Cap is not only cheap but also durable. It can replace real bullets in training and is very suitable for beginners.

In addition to the above two popular models, we also have various calibers that can be adapted to different gun types.

New Arrival!!!

Continental 34mm FFP



l LaREE Lens & VePRO FMC Reaches 90% Light Transmission

l  HD Optics System Crystal Clear Image

l  First Focal Plane Reticle w/6 Levels Illumination

l  Extra-Low Dispersion

l  A Sturdy 34mm Tube Provides Extreme Ruggedness & Reliability

l  Tactical Precise Zero Click-by-Click 1/10 MIL Turrets

If you are interested in Continental 34mm FFP, please continue to pay attention to vector optics, and the new products can be purchased at the official online store immediately!

Annual trip in December

In December, Vector Optics went to Guizhou Province for an annual trip.

Guizhou is located in the southwest of China. It has picturesque scenery, clean and sweet air and is also the main residence of Miao nationality.

1579754181835588.jpgOn this trip, we climbed Mount Fanjing and visited Libo small hole. Both the mountain scenery and waterscape are of breathtaking beauty.

Arrived at Miao village, the girls also put on traditional Miao costumes. Miao costumes are complicated and gorgeous. It took them more than ten minutes just to put on this dress, but the girls all enjoyed the experience of wearing traditional Miao costumes.

Practice makes perfect

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