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Approaching Vector Optics June News & Tips

January 30th, 2018

VO held a monthly meeting to discuss all customers’ FAQ. One is often asked, why VO scope is more expensive or cheaper than other brands‘?

We don't want to tell some formulaic answers, we’d like to provide some details about the cost and price.

  • 1.Brand.History, craft gimmick, raw material and public praise, each project takes time to pile up. Vector Optics is just one of the best new brands of riflescope this century.
  • 2.Quality.Shock proof, water proof and fog proof. Each VO product has a different level, obtained by testing in different firearms and environment.
  • 3.Service.Five Years Warranty and 24-hour response, they are very normal. Totally professional solutions and 100% detailed check before shipping is the core that we have insisted on more than 10 years.Every stroke counts. For shooters, finding a riflescope that caters to his own needs is enough. For Vector Optics, continue to provide high quality products with affordable price is our mission.

Nothing Can Hold New Taurus Fear!

Vector built, Taurus strong.

optimum, precision for any sporting & hunting even in low light,1/10 mil,1CM&0.1 MRAD interchangeable lockable turrets,6 zoom, wide F.O.V, long eye relief, first focal plane, illumination.


  • Imp 1x23x34 Weaver Red / Green Dot Sight.
  • - 4 PATTERNS reticle
  • - Only 4oz
  • - Reticle lock system
  • - 21mm weaver mount
  • - Valid until Halloween
  • Click the pictures to lead to the link for the right product.

30%off + Free Shipping for VO ACD Mount

Each Vector Optics ACD mount is tested by real fire calibers by hundreds of scopes & bullets. One new 40mm ACD mount and two Angle Indicating ACD mounts were just launched. Our VO ACD mounts continue to support you for the long range precise shooting without miss.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Now the popularity of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is greater than most of the Champions league match. Many world's famous guns are collected in this game, such as P1911, M416, AWM and SKS. What surprised me is that only a few riflescopes and red dot sights used as auxiliary props. Come on, no good shooter can hit his target with a poor riflescope!
BTW, if you need to choose a Vector Optics riflescope to accompany you for Battlegrounds, which one will be you choice? I vote for paragon 3-15x50.How about you?

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