Approaching Vector Optics April News & Tips

November 24th, 2020

Rhythm of the Rain

'Listen to rhythm of the falling rain, telling me just what a fool I've been'. Aha, did you still remember this old song by the Cascades.

Nowadays, the weather in Shanghai is just like it has been. Make a good trip plan if you will travel to Shanghai from Apr to Jun.


Hunting in rainy days will be interesting but very hard too.


Safety truly cannot be neglected. In complex environments, waterproof & durable equipment will become extremely important. Think about our Continental Riflescope, its light transmission can reach to 90%, IPX6 waterproof and very accurate adjustment. All these features make sure that you are really pointing your weapon at a target under all circumstances. Just come prepared and you'll be fine.

Can you share your unforgettable hunting experience to us?

New Arrival 6x Zoom Impressive Riflescope

Aston riflescope covers almost all the features of top line tactical optics, with better performance at a lower cost.

  • Crystal Clear by Edgeless Image

  • 4" Long Eye Relief

  • 1/4M.O.A Turret Lock System

  • Wide F.O.V

  • Test on Lapua Magnum 338



Click on the picture above to get more details & discount.

Airsoft Doesn’t Need A Sight or Scope?

The answer is NO!

Quality scope can enhance your enjoyment of this game. ‘Perhaps I talked about Deep Focus.  The Airsoft game often shoots between 15 meters and 40 meters, so a Deep Focus scope from equal to low magnification is suitable.  Because you can see near and far targets at once’.----- 41PX Yukitoshi Sumimura


Live Survival Game

In China, we are not allowed to have any type of guns, even airsoft is forbidden.

But on Apr.26, it is a big day for Vector Optics.

All of us enjoyed a survival game in a licensed range by water BB gun. It is really an amazing activity, we love it very much.

Besides this game, we also had some other great activities, roast whole lamb, fishing and cherries picking.

Please share our happiness with you and your friends.




Guess who sticks to the end?

Love you Three Thousand

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