Approaching Vector Optics October News & Tips

November 24th, 2020

Advent Your Hunting Skills w/ Good Gear

In the Americas, white-tailed deer is the most widely distributed wild ungulate. Hunters like hunting of this deer more than that of any other type.


A truly memorable trophy is hard to win. Footwear, luggage, base layers, calls, clothing, of course, the most important thing is shotgun and optics.

1. Jacket & Hunting Boots

In most cases, the color of your hunting clothes from hats to boots including your backpack should be green, brown, khaki, olive, or neutral. A few large garbage bags can be useful to put your dirty or damp clothing or boots in to protect your other belongings and suitcase. 


2. Cleaning Kit & Shooting Stick / Bipod

The environment in the field is very complicated. An experienced hunter can take advantage of the better visibility offered by those other shooting positions by using shooting sticks.


3. Reliable Optics

Binoculars, rangefinder, riflescopes and spotting scope.

If you can, take all of them. 

The next step, however, is the critical one: choosing which whitetail deer for your hunting.


Shotgun Red Dot Sight

This model red dot sight can be installed only on the aiming bar of the shotgun.

Red Fiber, Battery Free, Auto Light Sense, Only for Shotgun, Outdoor Use, 127mm / 5 inch

Multi Coated, Directly Install on Shotgun Rib, Circle w/ Center Dot Reticle, 45g / 1.6oz

For more details, please click the magic image


Carbon MLOK Handguard

Finally, we ushered in the carbon MLOK handguard.

7" 10" 12" 15",Carbon Fiber Finish, Ultra Slim & Light, Inside Dia. 1.3" 35mm, Compatible w/ QD Sling Swivel, 2 pcs 3" Rail Sections.


11.11 V.S Black Friday

As 11.11 wore on, milestones from the previous 10 years fell, one by one. 2018 GMV was RMB213.5 billion ($30.8 billion), 27% higher than last year.

Black Friday is also imminent. Vector Optics will offer a discount no less than 11.11 in return to those who have always supported and trusted us. Are you looking forward to it?


Whoever Said Money Can't Buy Happiness Didn't Know Where to Shop

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