Meet our Major French Distributor: COLOMBI SPORTS

March 28th, 2024

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Vector Optics is thrilled to introduce our major French distributor - COLOMBI SPORTS. With their efficient logistics and customer service, Vector Optics will enhance the customer experience by giving more French and European customers access to high-quality products and customer support. Let's learn more about this distributor and the benefits of the partnership.

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Established in 1958 in the South of France, COLOMBI SPORTS is a distributor for French and international firearm manufacturers. The company is renowned for its extensive product range, attention to detail, dedicated service, and reliable after-sales support.

COLOMBI SPORTS' s product line includes items for hunting, shooting sports, outdoor activities, and optics. They aim to meet every customer’s needs with innovative designs, durable and affordable products, as well as cost-effective and value-added purchasing solutions.

Today, COLOMBI SPORTS is a reputable distributor in France and Europe, serving over 10,000 customers. The sustained partnership between Vector Optics and COLOMBI SPORTS is built not only on mutual respect and trust in each other's expertise, but also on the shared ambition to deliver superior products and services to Europe. Both parties are consistently strengthening collaboration and working towards achieving our common visions and goals.

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Optical scopes are the proud business of COLOMBI SPORTS. Customers can choose from a variety of red dot sights, rifle scopes, telescopes, as well as high-quality sports  scopes(night vision, rangefinder, thermal scopes) and accessories. The addition of the Vector Optics brand enriches the consumer's choices and provides European consumers with superior quality products and warranty services.

In addition, COLOMBI SPORTS currently operates 4 warehouses across Europe with a total area of 2,000 square meters. Its service area extend to mainland France and select parts of Europe, providing fast order shipping and after-sales service for distributors and retailers in France.

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Through the partnership between Vector Optics and COLOMBI SPORTS, consumers can test Vector Optic products directly in-store, and appreciate the superior quality and fine details. Powered by COLOMBI SPORTS' efficient order response and warehousing system, Vector Optic products will be delivered as fast as possible to customers. Customers purchasing from COLOMBI SPORTS receive the same warranty as those buying directly from VECTOR OPTICS. Some Vector Optics products offer a lifetime warranty for additional customer assurance. Vector Optics and COLOMBI SPORTS are dedicated to working jointly to ensure each customer enjoys an exceptional shooting experience.

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