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Approaching Vector Optics July News & Tips

November 24th, 2020


You may have a plan on how for hunt, where to hunt, and when to hunt. Sound simple, doesn’t it?

In fact, the weather determines the 50% of your hunting results before you get started.

For hunters, weather can affect everything from what you wear and what tools and equipment you bring. Especially in bad weather, you need to carry extra hunting equipment to avoid unexpected damage. During a hot weather, keeping water and sober in the wild is vital.


For animals, bad weather is enough to kill them. Especially in winter, plenty of prey can be found in sunny places. During rainy and winter season, prey is less likely to move but more alert. Some optical sights like spotting scopes and night vision sights can help hunters to trace the location of the prey.


Weather is indeed playing an important role in hunting. Even though it is totally unpredictable.

Can you share your experience when you shoot during the bad weather?

Ideal For .223/9mm/7.62x39/.300 training

Thank you for your enthusiasm. Full models snap cap will be officially launched at the end of August or earlier.

Two extra questions: Compared to May, which model does we added? What other models do you need?


Tactical X-Accu Picatinny Rings

Precise, Inexpensive, Heavy Duty.

Good scope mounts don’t move or transfer their alignment and keep themselves tightly glued to the rifle.


Happy Birthday to 14 years Old Miracle

According to the title, we will know what to say.

Happy birthday, Miracle!

And she insists that she is only 14 years old(#°Д°)


Btw, her birthday is two lucky numbers, can you guess that?

All suggestions, ideas, improvements are what we need!


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