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October 10th, 2023

Greetings fellow hunters and shooting enthusiasts! Welcome to the latest issue of the Vector Optics newsletter. We are excited to share with you our insights on .22LR scope,the upgrade of our Frenzy GenII red dot sight and the new Frenzy packaging. Take a look!

.22LR: Why is It Popular?

The .22 LR is popular for plinking and target shooting due to its low recoil and mild report. It uses a priming compound instead of powder and primer, igniting when the firing pin strikes the thin base of the cartridge case. With affordable .22 ammunition available for different shooting purposes, it is a cost-effective option for shooters. Also, when combined with an accurate rifle, it is great for hunting small game like squirrels and rabbits.

cost-effective .22lr riflescope.jpg

How to Choose? Best 22lr Scope Features

When choosing a riflescope for your .22LR, there are some key features that can enhance your shooting experience:

Good clarity and brightness

Adjustable magnification

Precise and repeatable adjustments

Good value for the price

Best Recommended Vector Optics Riflescopes for .22LR

Vector Optics Best Scopes for .22LR.png

a. Continental 6x Tactical Scope (3-18x50/4-24x50)

These scopes offer the highest quality optical performance, high precision adjustment accuracy, and the unique ability to reach an ip67 waterproof level, ensuring protection even in heavy rain environments.

b. Continental 8x Tactical Scope (2-16x44/3-24x56)

To achieve the ultimate optical performance, we have added ed lens glass to enhance bullet hole detail recognition. With an 8x wider zoom ratio, it provides a larger field of view for observation while maintaining the ability to observe details and achieve accurate shooting.

c. 34mm Continental FFP Tactical Scope (3-18x50/4-24x56)

These scopes are based on the continental 6x tactical series, offering higher precision adjustment accuracy and a larger range of elevation adjustment.

d. Taurus 4x & 6x scope (4-24x50FFP/5-30x56FFP/6-24x50 SFP/FFP)

These scopes provide high optical quality, FFP characteristics, and reliable adjustment accuracy.

e. Sentinel SFP Scope (6-24x50/8-32x50)

Featuring side focus, glass plate differentiation, and illumination, these scopes with a 30mm tube offer better shock resistance and durability. Available now!

Frenzy GenII Red Dot Sight Upgrade

When selecting a red dot sight, what features do you consider important? The preferences may vary among individuals, but typically include: a large window size, a suitable dot size, audible clicks, a motion sensor, side-loading battery, durability, and compactness. While most of the red dot sights in the frenzy line possess some of these features, not all of them have all the desired features. That is exactly why Vector Optics has upgraded a genii red dot sight to include all these desirable features!

Check this image below for the key features, and click on it for more information!

Multi function red dot sight of Vector Optics.png

In addition to the standard model, we also offer a pro model that features solar power and multiple reticles! Here are some real feedback pictures of the new Frenzy GenII Pro model, where you can see the solar panel and the various reticle patterns. Stay tuned!

Frenzy GenII Pro red dot sight (1).png

Introducing the new packaging for the Frenzy line red dot sight! To better display product information in a concise and informative manner, we have conducted a thorough upgrade to our Frenzy line packaging. The new packaging provides quick access to useful information about the product while paying meticulous attention to detail.

In contrast to the old packaging, the new packaging showcases a sophisticated dark blue and white color scheme and a double door design, lending it a more luxurious appearance.

Frenzy new package.png

Highlights of the new packaging:

1. Brand color design, aligned with product positioning.

2. More concise text, making it easier and faster to find useful information.

3. Dual door design, convenient for opening.

4. Optimal protection during shipping and handling.

In addition to upgrading the package, we have also upgraded the hex key. Traditional hex keys typically come in a set and require different specifications for different screws. However, with the new hex key, you will only need one key to unlock various types of screws!


Highlights of the new hex key:

1. Unique gun-shaped design

2. Multifunctional, one key to unlock different parts of screws and adjustment slots

3. With Vector Optics logo and can be attached to key chain

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