Grizzly Pro 3-12x56i Fiber Riflescope and Entry-level Riflescopes

April 26th, 2023

New Arrival! Grizzly Pro 3-12x56i Fiber Riflescope: 

Looking for an entry-level hunting scope with a good price? Check out our Grizzly pro 3-12x56i fiber riflescope, with 90% light transmission and capped MOA adjustment, plus the fiber dot reticle, you can get more than you paid for! 


Why use fiber dot reticle?

If you are shooting outdoors, you may find it difficult to see the reticle even if its illuminated. As the picture below shows, at the same level of illumination, the normal illuminated dot is too dim to see, yet the fiber dot is much bright and clear, can even be used under the strongest sunlight. Fiber dot reticle also allows shooters to use two eyes open and acquire targets fast at low magnifications.


To know more about fiber dot reticle, please check this link:

An upgrade of Grizzly line Riflescope

As our classic entry-level riflescope line, Grizzly features a robust 30mm monotube, decent image quality and reliable capped MOA adjustment. Grizzly pro 3-12x56i fiber riflescope upgraded this line with advanced fiber dot reticle, more adjustment range and less weight, making it brighter, more precise and compact! For order, please visit


 Highly Recomended Entry-level Line Riflescopes: 

What are the most recommended entry-level riflescopes of Vector Optics? Check out the chart below. We offer various entry-level riflescope choices, featuring a 30mm monotube, 3x & 4x & 5x zoom factor, SFP & FFP, turret lock system and capped adjustment, plus 5 years warranty! You can find the right scope that meets your shooting needs!


How to choose?

Generally speaking, for close range and medium range shooting & hunting, Forester and Grizzly would be more suitable; for medium range and long range shooting, Marksman, Sentinel and Tourex would be more suitable.

Check out the chart below for reference.


6 Mins To Know Our History, Goal and Vision: 

Who are we? You may have heard of us or have used our products, but how much do you know about us? We are Vector Optics, a company that has been committed to providing top riflescopes in China and even in the world! With over 15 years of history so far, we bring professional, reliable, and creative solutions for shooters.

How did we gain increasing popularity? All recognition originates from our united team, business partners and professional brand ambassadors, plus our up-to-date technologies, systematic quality control process and full range of overseas warehouses and logistics.

Let Vector Optics accompany your every shot and be your loyal partner!


For the full video, please check Vector Optics” YouTube Channel

The link:


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