New Frenzy Plus 1x26x32 Red Dot Sight & Four Rank Definitions

April 21th, 2023

New Arrival! Frenzy Plus 1x26x32 Red Dot Sight: 


As one of our Frenzy plus open series with Frenzy Plus 1X26X32 red dot sight(SCRD-44) is available now. So what's the special about this new red dot sight?

· Increase target acquisition speed

Nowadays, larger dot sizes are being requested. Larger dot sizes are becoming popular for rapid fire pistol shooting, especially for rapid fire competition shooters. Unbelievable performance when combined with a 6 MOA dot and a skilled shooter.

· Easy to target in the fast shooting

It has large 1X26X32 window size. Large viewing window optimized faster shooting - instantly places the dot on the target while shooting on the move fast follow-up shots, and never lose the reticle inside the window. Besides, that would be beneficial to sport pistol shooting, as large window facilitates faster aiming with the dot when recoil is generated.

· No need to re-zero when replacing batteries

Top-loading CR2032 battery, allows for quick battery replacement without having to remove the sight from the firearm, or re-zero required.

· Easy to remember and adjust

Audible clicks for the elevation and the windage adjustment. Precisely know your click values for each adjustment, easy to remember and adjust.

When you pick this up the first time you just wish you had it sooner.

uUpcoming upgraded version - Frenzy Plus 1x22x32 SMR:

This Frenzy red dot sight in development now. An updated solar-powered version and multi reticles options of this new red dot sight(SCRD-SM44) will be available soon.

About futures

√ Multi reticles & Solar power engaged (new options)

√ 8 Levels and 2 NV red dot & Motion sensor

√ Audible click & On/Off switch

√ IP67 water proof

Besides, other items of Frenzy will be renewed and updated. Please check out the picture below.


Four Rank Definitions: 

Vector Optics has been specializing in the scope for over 15 years. We have over 600 SKU about the products, and our products cover all the field - sports shooting; competitions(such as IPSC, Precision Shooting); hunting, tactical long-range shooting, and so on. To make it easier for you to choose and find the series you want more quickly. We have divided our products into 4 levels.


What’s more, to all the users, all of our products have a warranty.

If you have any damage or other problems with your ordered product, please contact us( and give us a chance to solve it until you are satisfied.

lTop (Lifetime Warranty): Continental

lPremium (Lifetime Warranty): Taurus, Paragon, Frenzy, Scrapper

lClassic (Five-year Warranty): Veryon, Minotaur, Constantine, Matiz, Hugo, Orion, Mustang, etc

lEntry (Five-year Warranty): Tourex, Grizzly, Forester, Sentinel, Maverick, etc


Paragon 4-20x50 1'' Scope Review From American Shooters: 

  • image.png

What we discovered while evaluating Paragon 4-20x50 1’’ scope(SCOL-T44) is that it offers many advantages over many other competitor scopes. The LaRee Lenses produce exception clarity and light transmission through the scope. This results in a better shooter experience, even in this 1” tube variant. The 1” tube equates to a lighter scope and is a better fit for most shooters. If your primary shooting is under let say 400 yards, this scope will have plenty of adjustment for most application.


Key features:

True 5x zoom factor with 25.4mm 1in tube

92% light transmission ideal for dawn & dusk shooting

1/10MILtactical turret adjustment w/ zero stop & turret lock feature

6 levels brightness illumination, and only have center dot illuminated

Min 10 yards to infinite superb side focus ensure precise different range shooting

Paragon offers a variety of scopes for different applications. Some of the most popular Paragon scopes models include Paragon 1” and 30mm tubes large objectives. They are also able of a parallax adjustment from 10-yards to infinity.

In this testing, the scope is mounted on three different rifles of .22 cal Benjamin Akela Bullpup PCP Air gun & Remington 700BLD Deluxe chambered in 30-06 & a custom built Ruger 10/22 Match Rifle.

For the full video of testing, please click the link to watch


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