Frenzy Full Line and New Frenzy Plus

April 12th, 2023

Something Old, Something New, Frenzy Plus:


Have you tried our Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 reflex sight yet? As one of our hottest products, the Frenzy Plus series drew attention of countless customers once they were released. They are compact, clear and fast-acquisition, and have proved their versatility in harsh shooting conditions. Whats more, we also offer upgraded models with solar power and multi reticles. (click on the link below for more info)


Big news! There will be a new member in this series soon! Frenzy Plus 1x21x36 Reflex Sight is coming out soon, with 3 versions for you to choose(basic version, solar power version and multi reticles version)! Besides the extra large window size, this new member will also offer solar power and multi reticles options, with motion sensor and IP67 water proof features. In addition, the new Frenzy Plus sight will come with a skeletalization shroud, can hold even more harsh shooting conditions!

Adapter Plate Options for Your Frenzy Plus 1x18x20:

Looking for mounting solutions for your Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 Enclosed Sight? Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 comes in VOD footprint, Vector Optics offers multiple adapter plate options for you to mount the sight on different interfaces.


For Frenzy Plus 1x18x20(VOD footprint), We offer:

·MOS to VOD Adapter (SCFRM-12)

·MOJ to VOD Adapter (SCFRM-13)

·VOD Red Dot - Low Weaver Mount (SCFRM-14)

·VOD Red Dot - Riser Weaver Mount (SCFRM-15)

·VOD Red Dot - Low Dovetail Mount (SCFRM-17)

·CZ Shadow 2 VOD Adapter (SCFRM-18)

If you can not mount Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 on your firearms, you may find the upper adapter plates helpful. 

For order, please visit or contact


FAQs about VOD footprint:

Q: What Frenzy red dot sights have VOD footprint?

A: Frenzy Plus 1x18x22 Enclosed Sights.(SCRD-63, SCRD-SM63)


Q: Can I mount my Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 on pistol #91257?

A: Yes, with Adapter SCFRM-18, Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 reflex sight can fit CZ Shadow 2 pistol.


Q: Does Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 fit on Picatinny rail?

A: Yes, with Low & Riser Weaver Mount, Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 can fit on both Weaver and Picatinny rail.

One Picture to understand the Frenzy Full Line:

As one of the top and premium lines of Vector Optics, Frenzy is proof that you dont have to compromise performance on a small sight. Whether its topping your AR, shotgun, or pistol, Frenzy gives you a clear field of view and the bold aiming point you need in high-pressure situations. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, this sight is made to handle abuse.

So far, we have Frenzy Basic, Frenzy-S, Frenzy-X, Frenzy Plus and Frenzy Accessories, and dozens of new Frenzy sights coming out this year! Please stay tuned!


Main features of Frenzy full lines

Frenzy Basic: 17x24mm window size, TEK footprint, 3MOA clear red or green dot, IP67 waterproof, provide FDE finish option

Frenzy-S: 17x24mm window size, MAG footprints, provides options for multi-reticle, battery side-load, motion sensor or auto-light sense

Frenzy-X: Large 22x26mm window size, MOJ footprint. Multi-reticle, motion sensor or auto-light sense with black, FDE or golden finish

Frenzy Plus: 18x20mm window size(VOD footprint), 31x26mm window size(Picatinny mount), motion sensor and IP67 waterproof. Provide multi-reticle with solar power edition.

Frenzy Accessories: Pistol adapter, riser mount, Picatinny & Weaver & Dovetail mount, offset mount.


New Frenzy GenII coming out soon!

New Frenzy GenII red dot sights in development now, featuring 7075 Aluminum Alloy, Side-loaded battery and Audible clicks. Meanwhile, the current models of Frenzy will be renewed and updated, stay tuned!

Vector Optics Apparels:

Do you know that Vector Optics has our own apparels? This year we added something new to our apparel list: customized VE dark blue hoodie and VE gray sweatshirt. They are simple and stylish,

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