Team's Chronicle of Events

February 06th, 2023

Team's Chronicle of Events:

For the just passed year, what wonderful moments do you remember of Vector Optics? 

Activities or World Cup GuessingA New Scope? Competition? Shot Show?

·Activities & World Cup Guessing

For the new year, we also intend to hold more diverse activities to benefit our customers! Including sales campaigns and social media events(Double-11 & Black Friday Sales Campaign & Fathers Day & Halloween and Christmas & New Year Social Media Event, and so on). If you have missed the campaigns or events in 2022, don’t worry, you can still seize more opportunities in 2023Like before, we hope to give back to you with various activities.

Here are some of last year's activities. In the World Cup guessing activity, the lucky people won the prizes of our top line series -- Continental 1-8x scope. You will be the lucky one!


·New scope

For shooters, it's exciting to release new scopes. In order to provide users with a better product experience, new product release has always been our key target. We are proud to announce that many of our products won favor of our customers and became hot selling items! Here are some of new optics, which one do you know? More details about new scope of this below! (Click the picture to the scopes link.)


Frenzy 18x20 enclosed sight   Scrapper solar panel      Continental tactical scope




We delighted that our scope accompanied many consumers and cooperator to the competition. Includes a variety of big or small competitions & international competitions, such as IPSC(International Practical Shooting Confederation) in Pattaya, Thailand of 2022. Our ambassadors and many partners participated in this international competition and achieved good scores. IPSC focuses on training players' ability to shoot accurately in the shortest time, and shoot all stationary or moving targets with the best route in complex scenes. Accuracy, strength, and speed are synonymous with it. Hope we can accompany you every time shooting in the Competition in the new year.


·Shot Show

This year we attended the Shot Show in Las Vegas. It is the premier exhibition for all shooting sports and hunting professionals. Throughout this exhibition, more new friends got to know Vector Optics. We are ready to bring you better experience and service.


In the new year, the big news for all shooting lovers, we will participate in IWA Show 2023!

IWA Show


It has developed for 45 years. This IWA Show will be also held on Nuremberg, Germany, from March 2nd an to 5th. It's a leading trade fair for hunting and sporting guns, outdoor and accessories. Our booth number is #1-436. There will be a display of our new products and have won popularity among our consumers hot products. Welcome you to visit and communicate with us, please stay tuned!

*Whats more, we have just released the new 2023 dealer policy, please consult your account manager for details.


Hot Sale:

Paragon 4X24 Prism Scope

If you are shooting at the CQB stage or seeking fast target acquisition in close to medium range shooting, then a prism scope would be a great choice for the compact size and lower magnification range. For Vector Optics, the new member 4x24 prism scope has been added into the Paragon prism scopes family. Now our Paragon prism scope series have three different magnification options: 1x16, 3x18 and 4x24.


Compared with Paragon 1x16 & 3x18, Paragon 4x24 has a base on top where you can set the red dot sight. Paragon 4x prism scope gives you the great choice for close to medium and even some medium-long range.


                      With illumination                             Without illumination

*The pictures above where the targets are 300m.

Even during the daytime, the reticle can be illuminated with proper lighting. But if the battery is dead, you can still see the clear black reticle.


Pro Team-Program:

This year, we updated the Brand Ambassador Program into the totally new Pro Team Program. In order to provide more opportunities for customers to cooperate, we have subdivided 3 cooperation modes.


Different ways of cooperation correspond to different people: brand ambassador, optics reviewer or affiliate partner. Here you can always find one that suits you. So far we have more than 20 ambassadors and over 10 countries. Hope your joining! To explore, to enjoy & to create with you!


                    brand ambassador         optics reviewer           affiliate partner 

If you also have an insight in shooting field but not cooperate with us, then what are you wait for? Just click here and join it!

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