New Color Option for Continental Rifle Scope

December 22th, 2022

New Color Option for Continental Rifle Scope

As Vector Optics Top Premium Line That Can Compete Most Worldwide Famous Brand Optics, Continental line rifle scopes have been very popular among our customers, especially 34mm FFP and Continental 8x ED Rifle scopes. Now we have added Coyote FDE for 1-6x24 tactical, 4-24x50 tactical and 34mm 4-24x56 FFP scope. Lets check out their main features:



Vector Optics Catalog 2023:


2023 New catalog is available now! The new catalog is comprehensive and detailed, can help you fully understand our products and choose the right optic you need from Vector Optics. The catalog covers full lines of Vector Optics and all sub-brands, from high-end riflescopes like Continental to all kinds of scope accessories, meeting all your shooting needs. Here are some highlights of the new catalog:

lDetailed specification comparison under the same product line

lMain features highlighted

lReal customer feedback


How to download? 

Following the link and click on Service - Download - Vector Catalog 2023 to browse and download the online version of the new catalog!

*Follow any of our social media accounts and leave a note: I want Vector Optics 2023 Catalog, we will draw three people and give a first-hand paper version catalog delivered to your door!

  Guide to Use:

How to Set Zero Stop for Continental 6x & 8x ED SFP Tactical Scope:

1. Prepare an Allen wrench before you set zero stop for our Continental tactical scope, its already included in the package.

2. Step 1: release 3 screws and remove the cap


3. Step 2: release internal 3 screws

4. Step 3: rotate the ring to the end


5. Step 4: tighten 3 screws

6. Step 5: cover the cap as zero and tighten 3 screws


*For the full mount video, please click the link to watch


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