【Weekly】2022 Annual Team Trip in Sanya

December 09th, 2022

Hot Sales:

It Can Free Your Hands!


Are you looking for a head-mounted night vision? Clear image at night, can take photos & record videos, ultra-light and compact, long battery time... Our head-mounted night vision have all of these. This is small and light, so it feels weightless on your head.

Free your hands for night hunting, camping, wildlife observation and any other outdoor activities. The specifications is right here for your consideration. We hope that this article can help you choose a night vision. 


Main future:

üIR Auxiliary illuminator

üAutomatic white balance

üMax 200 Meters Range in Dark for Human Identification

üAutomatics or manual control display screen brightness

ü1920x1080 Camera Resolution

üIncluded a OWNV-MT10 helmet flip-up mount for installation


Team Building

Trip to Building:

Annual Trip in Sanya!

Vector optics annual trip in 2022 came to Sanya, which is a charming seaside city, located in the southernmost place of China.


We sailed on the sea, and experienced various exciting beach activities, motor boats, wake surfing, and fly-boarding; We wandered in the tropical rainforest park, feeling the green and full oxygen different from Shanghai; We hang out a lively night market with beer and romance. All of these, are very suitable for us who are passionate about the outdoors, nature and sports.

Its clear that teams need to bond together, whatever at work and at leisure. For Vector Optics, we do a team consolidation in 2022, and its finished at this trip. Since 2007, we have always accepted such challenges, so do future! For you, Vector Optics hopes to accompany your every shot and be your loyal partner!

Guide to Use:

How to Mount This Helmet Head Night Vision?

1. Preparing the tools and drivers you need to use.

2. Matching adapter. (This adapter between the mount and night vision)

Install the adapter in a right direction.


3. Clamp the right end of the adapter with the front end of this flip-up clamp.


4. Adjust the right angle of damping systemand snap the entire night vision device onto the helmet. As the picture: Interface size for connecting helmets


*For the full mount video, please click the link to watchhttps://youtu.be/2aqvEsWGnuI


Quiz to Win:

Q: What was the real occupation of the man who was first named "sniper"?

*Please contact us on any of our social media page to get a surprise!

*The answer, please see the next weekly newsletter. 

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