【Weekly】New Stock Available! Continental 8x 1-8x24 SFP Tactical Scope ED!

October 12th, 2022

New Stock Available! Continental 8x 1-8x24 SFP Tactical Scope ED! 


Searching for a tactical scope? Discovered of our continental 8x 1-8X24 SFP tactical scope. Then, we'll introduce about this scope and high light transmission. If you have a plan to have a tactical scope, this passage is a must-read!

In order to offer more optical choices for our customers, Vector Optics has updated our Continental 8x 1-8x24 SFP series. Added a tactical version(SCOC-T37) to the original Continental 8x 1-8x24 SFP Hunting Scope(SCOC-37). They are available on our online official store now.


Other main future of Continental 8x 1-8x24 SFP Tactical Scope ED:

Light Transmission Reaches to 93%

Turret lock adjustment

95mm 3.7 Inch Long Eye Relief

Etched glass VEC T8M reticle

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The light Transmission of New 8x Continental can reach 93%:

Continental --- Vector Optics top premium line that use the most worldwide famous German Optics System with Crystal Clear Image, ED Glass, Light Transmission Reaches to 93%. Light transmission rate is a really important piece of information. This is a percentage of light transmission that goes through scopes instrument.  

As so far, Common scopes have the light transmission around 80%. And only very few scopes have a maximum light transmission of 90% or more. The new 8x scope has a superior performance compared to the 6x scope. We continue to challenge in technology, from the original maximum 90% light transmission to the current 93% light transmission.


Ps: The light transmission is not constant, there are peaks and valleys.


FAQ of Light Transmission

1.The higher light transmission, the better the imaging effect?

This is not absolute. High light transmission Great image quality.

The light transmission has an effect on the brightness of the image. High light transmission has obvious advantages in low light environment. And the higher the light transmission, the brighter image. It is important when using optics at dawn or dusk.


2.What are the factors that affect the light transmission?

·Exit Pupil

Divide the objective diameter by magnification. The larger the value, the more light is transmitted.


Ps: There is a limit to how much light the human eye can accept, so the effectiveness is not infinitely better if the exit pupil(or light transmission) is infinite high. When the rate of light transmission exceeds what the human eye can accept, the excess is meaningless.

·The glass quantity and quality 

There must be some loss when the light passes through the lens of the scope. The more lenses there are the bigger the light loss is.

The glass quality is also worthy of mention. The glass of different materials can also affect light transmission. The glass of transparent material will have higher light transmission.

·The quality of coatings

These coating comes into play, which can reduce losses and help to get a bright image.


*Why we need coating of scope , for the more about coating please click the picture.

·The optical system

There is no doubt that the optical system will also affect the light transmission. The excellent optical system can reduce these losses and help to get a better image.

*For the more about the main factors that affect the light transmission, please click https://www.vectoroptics.com/about/view/id/56.html


Review for Paragon 3x18 Micro prism scope from Finland shooter

The user received Vector optics paragon 3x Prism scope(SCPS-M03) and mounted it to the .223 AR-15.The glass clarity in this price range is excellent. The image is clear from edge to edge with no blurring on the sides. It is clear and well thought over, brightness is good enough to be clear on a sunny day, not mega bright but good enough. Prism scope has the added advantage that if the battery runs out you can still see the reticle in black as it is etched into the glass. 

The eye box is good, not the best but certainly best out of the similar or close price range, there is a focus ring that is easy to use so focus will not be an issue. The field of view is excellent better than prism scopes costing twice as much. Even as the 3x is intended for close to medium range, I was able to make consistent shots to 300m with no problem, thanks to the reticle having hash marks for bullet drop compensation.


*For the full review, please click the picture.

If you have any questions or advice, welcome to contact service@vectoroptics.com

And cooperation, please get in touch with her@vectoroptics.com 

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