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Review of the Paragon 3X18 Micro Prism

The official release
2022-09-30 17:27:49 1196 0

I received the Vector optics paragon 3x Prism scope (SCPS-M03) and mounted it to my .223 AR-15, first impressions with the scope were CLARITY, the glass clarity in this price range is excellent. The image is clear from edge to edge with no blurring on the sides.


*The distance to the targets 150m of the picture.

The reticle is clear and well thought over, brightness is good enough to be clear on a sunny day, not mega bright but good enough. Prism scope has the added advantage that if the battery runs out you can still see the reticle in black as it is etched into the glass.

The scope comes with good accessories, on top of the usual accessories that come with all vector optics scopes and red dots you also get one spacer block to make the scope slightly higher. In my own experience without the added riser, my thumb is visible in the scope if I use a c-clamp grip where my thumb is on top of the handrail. But with the included riser, this is solved. As the scope uses Aimpoint micro footprint it is easy to find aftermarket mounting solutions that will suit anyone’s shooting preferences, vector optics also sell a lot of mounts in this footprint.The scope uses a very common CR2032 battery, battery life is not advertised, and my testing has only been for a week now and so I cannot say how long it will last on what settings. Illumination on the highest setting causes a slight glare in the scope, but this is only visible if you use the highest setting in dusk or low light situations.


The eye box is good, not the best but certainly best out of the similar or close price range, there is a focus ring that is easy to use so focus will not be an issue. The field of view is excellent better than prism scopes costing twice as much.

Even as the 3x is intended for close to medium range, I was able to make consistent shots to 300m with no problem, thanks to the reticle having hash marks for bullet drop compensation.


Housing is made from durable aluminum and is waterproof I tested it in a shooting competition when it was raining, and my experience was that small bumps and dings made no marks on the housing and the rainwater never entered either the housing or the battery compartment.

What would make this scope perfect? Inclusion of solar panel, as then you would have bright reticle even if the battery would die on you.


Key points of the scope :

· Glass clarity

· Compact size

· Footprint aftermarket accessories

· Adjustment rings give good audible clicks

· Low weight

· Lifetime warranty (who else at this price point gives that?)

· Field of view best in class

· Sunshade included

Absolutely the best price-to-performance ratio

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