【weekly】The first gift in Autumn? Come and get it from Vector Optics!

August 15th, 2022

Do you know that it’s already autumn on the Chinese calendar? In China, people joke about the first thing you do in autumn, for example, the first bubble tea in Autumn, the first rain in Autumn, or the first flower you receive in Autumn. Vector Optics, however, has prepared some brand-new optics as our first gift in Autumn, for all our fans and customers! Prizes are two new LPVO scopes, one in hunting and the other one in tactical style, easy to choose, and perfect for shooting beginners! 

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If you are looking for a medium to long-range shooting scope instead or looking for some special-color scope to match your gun, then you definitely wouldnt want to miss the gift from our sub-brand VictOptics! Prizes are also new arrivals, S4 SFP Coyote FDE Riflescope in 4-16x44 and 6-24x50, exclusive for air gun and .22 LR rim-fire, etc bench-rest shooting and hunting!

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Red or green dot? New green dot sight added to the Frenzy-S family!

Red dot sight or green dot sight? That is a question. However, there is no certain answer of which one is better because both are useful for different applications, shooters should choose wisely based on their shooting scenarios and environment. Then when to choose red dot sight or green dot sight? Lets first talk about the pros and cons of each.

Pros and cons of red dot

The red dot is very common in the market and can meet the vast majority of shooting scenarios, it has a mature technology and the price is relatively more competitive compared with the green dot. The red rays of light have a very high wavelength and a small frequency, so the red dot can strike your eye fast and accelerate your speed of target acquisition; Red has a sharp contrast with dark colors like blue or black, at night or in a low-light environment the red dot is very visible, thats also why the red dot is more suitable for night visions as they are mostly green display and have a low illumination, so the red dot stands out easily.

However, in a bright environment, the visibility of red dot would be greatly reduced, so the red dot would be too weak to acquire targets; and if you have astigmatism or other eye issues, then the red dot may get distorted or blurred easily, affecting your shooting experience.


Pros and cons of green dot

The green dot is less common in the market but wins popularity quickly and it certainly has a place in the tactical industry now. Human eyes see green better than they see red, so in daylight, we see green better in depth, brightness, and sharpness; for shooters with astigmatism, its easier to shoot with a green dot rather than a red dot as the green color put less strain on the eye.

However, if the shooter is in a jungle or bushy environment, green dot would be a bad idea as it can be easily washed out by the environment; Likewise, it is not ideal for night vision due to the green NV background.


Therefore, red dot catches the eye faster and would be more suited for faster target acquisition in low-light shooting and when observing a target in a green environment; Green dot is easier to see, highly visible to the human eye in daylight or bright environment, more suitable for shooters with eye issues, it is also the superior color selection for night time use.

Frenzy-S 1x17x24 MIC Pistol Green Dot Sight

Now, after knowing the difference between red dot and green dot, its time to introduce the new member of our Frenzy-S family! FRENZY-S 1X17X24 MIC PISTOL GREEN DOT SIGHT! What are the special traits of this new member? First and most importantly, it has a 5MOA green dot; second, this green dot sight is made of 7075 Aluminum Alloy, a high-strength material used primarily in high compression construction; besides, it has all the features of our Frenzy-S series red dot sights!



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Or contactsales@vectoroptics.com

For cooperation, please contacther@vectoroptics.com

FAQ of the week

How come the reflex sight does not hold a group of hits?

1.The reflex sight does not hold a group of hits at the first time shooting

Please examine the factors below:

Be sure that all screws on the rifle’s action are properly tightened.

Be sure the rifle barrel and action are clean and free of excessive oil or copper fouling.

Maintain a good shooting technique and use a solid rest.

Some rifles and ammunition don’t work well together—try different ammunition and see if accuracy improves.

Be careful, the reflex sight may be with a  “parallax issue” if not adjusted well.                                                      

2.The reflex sight does not hold a group of hits after using for a while

Please check:

Your rifle and caliber (whether the rifles caliber is too large and the rifle has too much recoil )

Your shooting distance (whether the shooting distance is too far away from the set hit point)

P.S. whether its at first-time shooting or not, you should always check the point of impact’s spread deviation, and make adjustments accordingly.

Please check the upper factors and make some adjustments, if the reflex sight still can’t hold a group of hits, contactservice@vectoroptics.com

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