【weekly】Summer sale on AliExpress!

June 28th, 2022

Summertime is here! Time to go out and enjoy outdoor activities! This summer, Vector Optics has prepared a big surprise for our customers --- Summer Sale on AliExpress! $3 off every $30 spent, max $9 off! You can buy a variety of our products at a discounted price, including rifle scopes, red dot sights, mounts, and other optics. Find your favor and add it to your cart now! 


Time: GMT-8 27 June 00:00 - 01 July 23:59

Search “Vector Optics official store” on AliExpress and enter the Summer Sale! Or click on the link here: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_op2oHLf

New arrivals! Paragon Micro Prism Scope!

If you are shooting at the CQB stage or seeking fast target acquisition in close to medium range shooting, then a prism scope would be a great choice for the compact size and lower magnification range. For Vector Optics, our new Paragon prism scopes can be as compact as red dot sights and have three different magnification options: 1x16, 3x18, and 4x24. 


lWhy choose prism scope rather than red dot sight?


For those suffering from astigmatism, prism sights always work better than red dot sights, as prism sights have an etched reticle, while red dot sights have a LED-based red dot that gets distorted easily. The Paragon micro prism scope has an etched glass VEP-CDR reticle, so even when you turn on the red illumination, the reticle remains clean and crisp.


Image quality

We set the target at 15 yards, and compared the image quality between prism scope and red dot sight, and you can tell easily that the prism scope has a much clearer image with a super slim edge.


Battery and reticle

If your battery dies, you have no way to get on target with red dot sight. But use a prism scope, you have the etched reticle in case your battery illumination dies. Besides, prism scope allows more complex reticles so that you can still aim at your target without illumination.


lWhy choose Paragon prism scope?

Wider field of view

We compared the Paragon prism scope with other prism scope, which has a >14°F.O.V, wider than most other similar sights. But still, Paragon has a 14.5°F.O.V, even wider!

Therefore, as you can see in the pictures below. At the same magnification, Paragon’s image has a slimmer edge, you can see more!


Better image quality

The image of Paragon prism scope is clear and crisp and is more realistic. In the picture below, we compared the image of Paragon prism scope and other prism scope with naked-eye image, although both images in the two prism scopes are very clear, the image in Paragon prism scope looks almost the same as what we see in real life!


What’s more, the Paragon prism scope has BDC Reticle Designed for AR15, IP67 waterproof, and a lifetime warranty! It is definitely worth buying!

For order, please conact: sales@vectoroptics.com

Or visit our official website: www.vector2007.com

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FAQ of the week

How come the scope does not hold a group of hits?

ØFirst, please examine the factors below:

1. Is it your first time shooting that scope not able to hold zero with a group issue ?

2. Your rifle and caliber

3. Your shooting distance

4. The group result on shooting target paper (Or do you remember the point of impact’s spread deviation? Right? Left ? Up? Down?)

ØSecond, many issues that may cause poor bullet grouping:

1. Be sure that rings are correctly torqued to 15-18 in/lbs.

2. Be sure that all screws on the rifle’s action are properly tightened.

3. Be sure the rifle barrel and action are clean and free of excessive oil or copper fouling.

4. Maintain a good shooting technique and use a solid rest.

5. Some rifles and ammunition don’t work well together—try different ammunition and see if accuracy improves.

6. Be careful, scope maybe with “parallax issue” if not adjusted well.

If the scope still can’t hold a group of hits, please contact service@vectoroptics.com for support.

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