Letter of Apology from Vector Optics: Possible Delay of Your Delivery Due to Covid-19

March 18th, 2022

To Dear You:

We regret to inform you that your deliverymight be delayed by 5-10 working days.

Like many other cities in China, Shanghai is also suffering from the Omicron variant currently, with an average of 100 confirmed cases per day, and an increasing number of local cases and asymptomatic infections. 


Based on the current pandemic situation, Shanghai, where Vector Optics is located, will conduct nucleic acid testing block by block with the 2+12measure. This measure means two days of home quarantine plus 12 days of community management, and everyone in the key areas will undergo two nucleic acid tests in two days. People are not allowed to leave their communities during home quarantine time, and communities can only remove lockdown if the two nucleic acid tests are all negative. One confirmed case in any community will lead to a 14-day lockdown of the whole community.


Since this Monday, an average of 20 people of our employees had to stay at home and wait for their nucleic acid tests results.

What’s worse, due to the current situation, our manufacturer cannot purchase raw materiel in bulk for at least 20 days, so original components like aluminum and glass can only be consumed from their current inventory, which will probably affect our products production and assembly afterwards.


However, as a saying goes, where there is a will there is a way. In order to find a way out of the difficult time, Vector Optics has initiated an emergency plan on Tuesday and recruited 6 to 8 part-time workers to assist in the delivery job. Please rest assured that these part-time workers are only engaged in simple works such as unpacking, appearance inspection, and sealing, while 20+ core inspection such as optic, shock proof, and adjustment inspection are still conducted by our core quality inspection engineers.

Again, we apologize for the possible delay we may cause and hope you can understand. But we also have some good news for you! Many new products from Vector Optics will come out soon! And what are they? They include Night Vision Goggles, Continental 8x ED Optics, Taurus 4x SFP Rifle Scope, Frenzy Multi Red Dot Sight, Frenzy Green Dot Sight, Omega 4 Reticle Red Dot Sight, Paragon Mini Magnifier, Mini Prism Sight, and Paragon 1" High-End Zero-Stop Rifle Scope. Lots of new products for you to choose from! Please stay tuned!

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