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October 08th, 2021

How to Resolve Scope Elevation Not Enough for Your .22 LR or Airgun?

Try The Adjustable Scope Ring!

For .22 LR and several other small ammo calibers, many scopes' elevation can't adjust to zero center, especially when using higher magnification scopes with less adjustment range.

Most of these bullets drop fast after 50 yards, the scope elevation adjustment range can’t support that far. We need to use Adjustable Scope Ring.

It has screws on the side that make the height adjustable. It is more suitable for some ammunition with low kinetic energy and fast drop. Currently, adjustable scope mounts with maximum adjustment values of 20 MOA, 30 MOA and even 40 MOA are available on the market for option. The Vector Optics adjustable scope rings are free-style adjustment. They have large up range that can be even used on the scope with 56mm objective lens.

Learn more about adjustable scope ring: https://youtu.be/0mXDTqCb14c https://youtu.be/xPfwuSs-HUE

In short the advantages of Adjustable Scope Ring is to save the elevation adjustment range and to compensate for the fast bullet drop. It is more flexible to use.

Learn more about the : https://www.vectoroptics.com/about/view/id/75.html 

Join the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:


September New & Update Products Quick Browsing (click product photo for more)

Forester 6x21 Range Finder (SCRF-B08)

5-750 Meters / 6-800 Yards Range

300 Yards PinLock, Scan Mode

0.3S Responded Time

Angle, Horizontal, Height & Line of Sight

Compact and Portable


Forester 6x21 GenII Range Finder (SCRF-16)

5-1500 Meters / 5-1600 Yards Range

450 Yards PinLock, Scan Mode

0.2S Responded Time

Angle, Horizontal, Height & Line of Sight

Transparent OLED Display

Compact and Portable 


Paragon 6x25 GenII Range Finder (SCRF-20)

5-1850 Meters / 5-2000 Yards Range

500 Yards PinLock, Scan Mode

0.25S Responded Time

Angle, Horizontal, Height & Line of Sight

Fully Multi-Coated, High Transmission LCD

Compact and Portable

VO Paragon 6x25 Binocular Acom 1.png

Continental 2.5-15x56 Riflescope (SCOM-34 & SCOM-38)

LaREE Lens & VePRO FMC > 90% Light Transmission

Very Little Distortion, Extra-Low Dispersion

Excellent for Dawn and Dusk Shooting

30mm Monotube, Constant 4" Eye Relief

1/4 MOA Adjustment w/ Return-to-Zero Feature

Etched Glass Reticle Center Dot Illuminated


Orion 4-16x44 MAX Riflescope (SCOL-42)

30mm Monotube, 4.0" Long Eye Relief

Fully Multi Coated, Edge-to-Edge Image

Illuminated Etched Glass Reticle 0.3MOA Center Dot

1/4 MOA Adjustment w/ Turret Lock

Side Focus Min from 10 Yds


X-ACCU Adjustable Elevation Scope Rings

25.4mm, 30mm and 34 Diameter

Adjustable Elevation Height

6 Torx Screws Per Ring

CNC Well Machined

1913 Picatinny 21mm, 11mm Dovetail


It is Really A Challenge to Climb or Even Walk Above 4,000 Meters (13,000 Feet) Altitude

Not very many people can experience that altitude, while almost all of Vector Optics team did that.

From 09 to 13-Sep we took a great adventure to Gansu and Sichuan Province.

We enjoyed glorious natural sceneries, wet land, deep valley, holy temple, snow mountains and mirror lakes.

We enjoyed a lot of exciting activities, horse riding, ATV driving, 360 degree bicycling.

We enjoyed the highland mountain food, yak beef noddle soup, roast whole lamb, buttered tea, and barley liquor.

The altitude of one lakeside is about 4300 meters. Although the pathway is even and flat, for most guys had to take a rest after some walks. Many of us even carried oxygen cylinders. You can’t image why your body and brain resist that altitude, but it just keeps reminding you they may quit working anytime. It is really a challenge but it is really worth it. When you reach the terminal & see that grand view, all your effort becomes your success & delight.

oxygen uptake.jpg



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