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July 01th, 2021

Is carbon fiber handguard really good?


Compared to metal handguards, the attraction of carbon fiber handguards for consumers is usually in the cross weave of the surface layer, the tacticool factor, the smooth feel. Also some people think carbon fiber dissipates heat better.

Is carbon fiber handguard just a looks thing? Is carbon fiber handguard really good?

To find out the answer, lets have a basic understanding of carbon fiber handguard first.

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fibers are fibers about 5 to 10 micrometers (0.00020–0.00039 in) in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms.

Advantages of carbon fiber

Carbon fibers have several advantages including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight to strength ratio, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion.


These properties have made carbon fiber very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, defend system, and motor sports, along with other competition sports. 


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To know how it works: 

The use of carbon fiber material in the handguard gives it the advantages of light weight, heat insulation and durability.

VektDefense new carbon fiber handguard is made of 100% carbon fiber, extreme light weight1.6" (41mm) slim outer profile, 1.35″ (34mm) inside diameter, 2mm thickness

All M-LOK Cutout in 7 Facet, precision machined from real carbon fiber material, 


UD middle layer covered with 3K surface layers 100% Carbon Fiber, steel or aluminum alloy barrel nut for option.


In addition to the above, the following questions are also confusing to many people.

1. Is carbon fiber handguard good?

2. How light can a carbon fiber handguard be?

3. Will it survive from rigorous use?

4. Is carbon fiber handguard really dissipate heat better?

5. How much temperature can carbon fiber handguard bear?

6. How to carbon fiber handguard?

In the Vector Optics official Facebook live stream, we answered these questions in conjunction with the experiment, go watch the replay of the live broadcast if you are interested in the scratch.

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Will your hunting be accompanied by a hunting dog?

For thousands of years, dogs have been man's most loyal companion. And long before the agricultural era, humans and dogs have been hunting together. Hounds usually possess the following skills: a strong desire to hunt, receptiveness to training, stamina and athleticism. If you enjoy the sport of hunting, then bringing a hound is a good choice. There are various types of hounds, and there is always a suitable breed for different hunting purposes. Will your hunting be accompanied by a hunting dog? What species is he? If you don't already own a hound, let's take a look at some of the best hound breeds out there.




Today more and more hounds are being kept as family dogs and pet dogs due to their gentle and kind nature and cute appearance. Some people worry that hounds are too aggressive to be domesticated. Dogs are animals with their own personalities and minds and are not too aggressive without deliberate training. There is really no need to worry too much about the danger of hounds.

Which of these dog breeds above do you like best? If you were to get a hunting dog, which one of these breeds would you choose? What kind of hunting dog would you like to bring with you when you hunt?  Welcome to share your answers with us!

5.22 A star has fallen---In Memory of Yuan Longping

On May 22, 2021, at 13:07, Yuan Longping passed away in Changsha, Hunan Province, at the age of 91. Mr. Yuan was the pioneer of research and development of hybrid rice in China, and the first scientist in the world to successfully exploit the hybrid advantage of rice, and is known as the "father of hybrid rice".


Yuan Longping has been engaged in hybrid rice research for half a century, and has made significant contributions to solving the problem of feeding the Chinese people through his dedication and hard work. Mr. Yuan's outstanding achievements not only belong to China, but also affect the world.

Yuan Longping is a true cultivator. When he was a village teacher, he already had the courage to overturn the world authority; when he was famous all over the world, he still just focused on the fields. He was a farmer who sowed wisdom and reaped abundance. His lifelong dream is to keep everyone away from hunger.

Yuan Longping, the pioneer of research and development of hybrid rice in China, was also the first scientist in the world to successfully exploit the hybrid advantage of rice. His death is a great loss to China and the world, and he will always be remembered and remembered.

May New & Update Products Quick browsing


Scrapper 1x29 Red Dot Scope

>50,000 Hours Battery Runtime, Motion Sensor Feature,

IP67 Water Proof, Parallax<1 MOA

Direct Bulb 2MOA Dot Size without Flicker

8 Levels Dot Intensity & 2 NV Dot Intensity

1MOA Adjustment with Audible Click

More Than 45MOA Adjustment Range

With Low & Riser Picatinny Weaver Mount

1.5" Center Height, w/ Rubber Lens Cap


Frenzy-S 1x17x24 AUT Golden Plated&FDE

The Lightest Full Metal Pistol Red Dot Sight in the World Only 19.1g (0.67oz)/18.4g (0.65oz)

3MOA Dot Size, Slim & Low Profile, Snag-Free Design

MAG Footprint Compatible for RMSc Footprint

Standard Window Size 17x24mm 0.7x0.9"

1" 25.4mm Width, 24mm / 0.9" Height

>50,000 Hours Battery Runtime for Weakest Visible Dot

Automatic Light Sensor, IPX6 Water Proof


TEK/MOJ/MAG Red Dot Sight Offset Picatinny Mount

TEK: Fit Frenzy Red Dot Sight RD-19II, RD-35 and RD-40, Compatible w/ D.o.c.t.e.r Footprint,

21mm Picatinny Mount, 45° Offset Style, M3.5 Screw Hole, Full Metal


MOJ: Fit Frenzy Red Dot Sight SCRD-36 and SCRD-37, Compatible w/ R.M.R Footprint,

21mm Picatinny Mount, 45° Offset Style, 6-32 Screw Hole, Full Metal


MAG: Fit Frenzy-S Line Red Dot Sight, Compatible w/ S.H.I.E.L.D & RMSc Footprint,

21mm Picatinny Mount, 45° Offset Style, 6-32 Screw Hole, Full Metal


VictOptics B1 4x32 Compact Scope

25.4mm 1 Inch Tube

1/4 MOA, Multi Coated

Compact Size, R14 Net Reticle


GunPany 1.0" Push Button QD Sling Swivel

Loop Length 23mm 0.9", Made of Steel

Push Button QD Sling Swivel

For 2-Point Rifle Sling


GunPany 1.4" Push Button QD Sling Swivel

Loop Length 36mm 1.4", Made of Steel

Push Button Quick Release

w/ Sleeve, 1 Nut and 4 Pcs M4 Screws

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