In for a penny, in for a pound-------2021 April Newsletter

July 01th, 2021

Let's get reacquainted with Stephen and Vector Optics!

Do you know that Vector Optics wasn't called Vector before?

Vector was initially named Sunclear, and after two years of using that name, Sunclear was replaced with Vector Optics which still use today. What caused this and why this happened? Stephen told us in the latest live interview.


In this live stream, Stephen shared both the achievements he gained and the difficulties he faced in the entrepreneurial stage. During the chat, a lot of hidden, unknown, and unspoken anecdotes and secrets were dug out.

How is Stephen's Daily life in Vector Optics as the founder?

What causes Stephen established VE corporation?

Why named the company Vector Optics?

Why Stephen love this industry?

Why established so many brands besides Vector Optics?

Vector Optics future plan.

To get the answer or to know more of what Stephen shared in the live stream, click on the link to watch the full video of the live stream! ( Let's find out these secrets!

LPVO Recommended-----Constantine 1-8x24

LPVO(Low Power Variable Optics) is very popular in whatever hunting, tactical or competition for AR and carbine users. It helps to turn your rifle into both short-range and long-range solution for shooting.  What makes Constantine 1-8x24 stand out as one of the many LPVO scopes?

(For direct access to product-related information, please click on the link below.* )

1-8x Magnifaction

Why do we need a 1-8x power scope?

A 1-8x scope can fit both the needs for precision shooting and rapid shooting. For rapid shooting, a true 1x scope can allow your two eyes open to quick search the target. When doing precision shooting, the reticle may cover the target at 6x magnification as the picture shows. While higher magnification provides larger image benefits the accurate shooting. 


1-8x is the perfect choice for someone who wants to do close-up,fast-action shooting but also wants to hit targets out at mid-range distances (500-600 Yds). When facing the choice, 1-8x scope is a good choice for a more varied range of applications.

Following shows the basic specifications of Constantine 1-8x24.

FMC and Extra-Low Dispersion Optics Creates High Intensity & Little Distortion Image

True 8x Zoom Factor, Edge-to-Edge Image without Inside Dark Ring Around Image

30mm Monotube, FFP&SFP, True 1x Power That Can Use Two Eyes Open For Shooting

1/10MIL Capped Adjustment with Very Low Profile, Total >50MIL Adjustment Range

Wide Field of View 1x Power Reaches 20°, 90mm 3.5" Constant Long Eye Relief, IPX6 Water Proof

Etched Glass MIL Reticle, Center Dot and Horseshoe Illuminated(11 levels) with Digital Lines& Dots

Take Lapua Magnum 338 Recoil and All Fields of Application for Hunting, Sporting & Competition

Beside the 8x zoom, Constantines Christmas tree reticle with illuminated horseshoe and center dot is perfect for both rapid shooting and precision shooting.

To prove Constantine 1-8x24s performance, we did several test on it including Parallax test, Waterproof test, Anti-fog test, and Shockproof test. The whole test review can be found on Vector Optics official website:

Currently Constantine 1-8x24 FFP and SFP are available on Vector Optics official website, click the link to place the order→* 

Welcome to contact us ( if you have any questions on Constantine 1-8x24. 


April New & Update Products Quick browsing


Mustang 1-4x24 First Focal Plane Riflescope

True One Power Scope, 4" Long Eye Relief

Super Edge-to-Edge Crystal Clear Image

1/2 MOA Tactical Finger Adjustment w/Turret Lock Feature

Etched Glass Reticle with 6 Levels Red Illumination on Side 

Click here to jump to the product link


Forester 1-5x24SFP Riflescope Coyote FDE

True 5x Zoom Factor, Edge-to-Edge Image

True 1x Power Allows Two Eyes Open

1/2 MOA Adjustment w/ Zero Reset & Turret Lock Features

Fully-multi Coated, Wide Field of View, 4.0" Long Eye Relief

Etched Glass Reticle w/ Center Dot 11 Levels lluminated

Click here to jump to the product link


Scrapper 1x22 Red Dot Sight 1/3 Lower Co-witness

>50,000 Hours Battery Runtime, Motion Sensor Feature, IP67 Water Proof, Parallax<1 MOA

Direct Bulb 2MOA Dot Size without Flicker, 8 Levels Dot Intensity & 2 NV Dot Intensity

1MOA Adjustment with Audible Click, More Than 45MOA Adjustment Range

With Low & Riser Picatinny Weaver Mount, 1/3 Lower Co-witness, w/ Rubber Lens Cap

Click here to jump to the product link


Frenzy-S 1x17x24 AUT Chrome Finish& Gold Plated Finish


The Lightest Full Metal Pistol Red Dot Sight in the World Only 19.1g (0.67oz)

3MOA Dot Size, Slim & Low Profile, Snag-Free Design,

Chrome Plated Finish& Gold Plated Finish

Automatic Light Sensor, MAG Footprint Compatible for RMSc Footprint

>50,000 Hours Battery Runtime for Weakest Visible Dot, IPX6 Water Proof

Click to jump to the product link:

Chrome Plated Finish

Gold Plated Finish

Custom your slide  Custom your sight


Steel 1.25 Inch Sling Swivels Locking QD Mount

Inside Loop Length 33mm 1.25", Made of Steel

Lock and Unlock Feature with Threaded Sleeve, One Pair with Stud Kit

Click here to jump to the product link

Qingming Festival

Qingming Festival is an ancient festival of the Chinese nation in which people will sweep the tomb and pay respects to their ancestors. Qingming Festival is also a festival for people to get close to nature.

Tomb-sweeping and greenery excursions are the two main ritual themes of Qingming Festival, which have been inherited in China since ancient times and continue to this day.


The traditional food of Qingming Festival is green dumplings, which is also a traditional snack in the Jiangnan region. It tastes not too sweet and not too greasy and has a light but long fragrance.

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