Approaching Vector Optics October News & Tips

November 24th, 2020

Vector Optics Canton Fair Report

Reviewing Vector Optics Continental scope, one Mongolian hunter gave his comment----Thumb Up, Super Clear, Very Good Click.


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Frenzy 1x17x24 &1x20x28 Red Dot Sight

Marksman 4-16x44 & 6-24x50 First Focal Plane Scope






In the upcoming shot show & IWA show, we will bring more new Frenzy.

Extreme Condition Test for Vector Continental

Want to use scope to hunt under -20C?

Yes, our Vector Optics Continental can do this job. Seeing is believing. Please look what we do the test for our continental scope.

Did you see the temperature shown on the meter? Yes, it is -24.8C. Your body may be frozen but our continental can still do its job.



For the results after the test, please refer to:


If you have more ideas about VE extreme testing, please tell us. Buy our continental scopes for confidence.

10 & 12 Zoom Factor Scope---Vector Optics Zalam

  • 10x / 12x Zoom Factor

  • Etched Glass BDC reticle

  • 50 BMG Application

  • 35mm monotube w/ Side Focus (4-48x65)

  • Fully-multi Coated


Contact to get more details & presell discount.

Bring New Year Gift in Black Friday


On November 27th, we will offer the same discount on vectoroptics. store online website, please rest assured that we will make sure this is the most cost-effective VE product you can bring home for the whole 2019.

Both in November 27.

Only in VO Store.

Only for you.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet

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