Evolving with User Insights: A Journey with VECTOR OPTICS

May 23th, 2024

Only by directly listening to the questions of our customers can we launch products that meet their needs.

This is the belief that VECTOR OPTICS has always adhered to.

 Two Collaborators of Our Official Optics Reviewer 

In recent years, we have collaborated with shooters from many countries, allowing them to test our products and to participate in the trial of new products. VECTOR OPTICS always welcomes customers to provide honest feedback, and utilizes them as references for product development.

Here are two of our collaborators: 

Ralph and Ryan joined us as our new Official Optics Reviewers in April. After familiarizing themselves with the rules of cooperation, they provided valuable feedback on our products.

Ralph reviewed the Frenzy Plus 1x31x26 Red Dot Sight Multi-Reticle, providing unboxing and range test videos. He gave high scores of our new box design and red dot performance, also suggested to optimize the problem of light reflection of reticle and make the button design more tactile and intuitive. We have recorded this feedback and passed it onto our product development department.


Click the attached links to find detailed information:



Ryan, a precision rifle competitor in the northeastern US, who always wanted to share quality equipment to his fans at affordable prices. He reviewed the Forester 8-16x56 ED Monocular and provided a comprehensive review video. He also compared it with a binocular he was using and gave unbiased feedback. Ryan has now received his second test product, a Paragon 9-27x56ED Ultra Short Spotting Scope. We eagerly await his review.

Identifying problems from real usage scenarios, listening to customer needs, these are key to Vector Optics to continuously improve product quality and win more and more user trust.

 Meet Us at 11th International Istanbul Hunting Arms&Outdoor Expo 

We are honored to announce that Vector Optics has been invited to participate in the 11th Istanbul Hunting Exhibition.

Vector Optics will be waiting for our friends at Hall 9 B141. You can experience our most trusted and reliable products such as Continental, Paragon series including scopes, LPVO, red dot, observation equipment and accessories. You can also get first-hand experience with our newly launched products. Come to our booth, choose the most suitable scope for your next shot, and understand the efforts we have made to build the most valuable scope brand.


Don't miss the opportunity to interact with Vector Optics, we look forward to meeting you in Istanbul.

For more exhibition and event arrangements, please subscribe to our account:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vectoropticsofficial    Instagram: vectoroptics_official

 The Brand-New Upgrade of ROKSTAD 

ROKSTAD is a sub-brand of VECTOR OPTICSmainly engaged in the brand of monopods, bipods, tripods, gun stocks and other auxiliary products. For a long time, ROKSTAD's products have provided shooters with stable shooting support, and have been widely praised by consumers for their reliable quality, diverse product types, and applicability in various scenarios.

Recently, ROKSTAD has undergone a brand-new brand upgrade and launched a new brand image. This brand embodies our vision of providing shooters with more reliable products through constantly upgraded materials and craftsmanship.

ROKSTAD, Stand Strong, Shoot Stable.


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