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Since 2007, Vector Optics has been focused on the design, build and sell of premium optics and innovative sighting systems, for all fields of applications like hunting, defense, sporting & competition. Vector Optics strives to offer you high-quality optical products and excellent customer service at a competitive price. With a great variety of our product lines, we provide precision aiming solutions and perfect shots over short, medium, and long-range shooting.

Vector Story

As the top optics brand in China, I believe you already know Vector Optics very well. But how much do you know about our story? Let’s review it together!


Business Established

In 2005, Xusheng Shen (hereinafter referred to briefly as Stephen), the founder of Vector Optics, who worked in a Swedish company that time, took a strong interest in shooting sports and riflescopes. But at that time, although there are many scope factories in China, there are few Chinese brand scope or even none at all. He thought that since China can produce rockets and satellites, China can certainly produce high-quality optics too. Therefore, Stephen began to sell scopes in his part time during the next two years with his great enthusiasm.


Company Founded

In 2007, Stephen started to work full-time in optics industry and founded the company: Sunclear Vector Optics. At first, the company and brand was named Sunclear. It was an American partner who suggested to use "Vector Optics" as the brand name, Cause "Vector" is abstract and has a sense of space and direction, which is more accepted by optics consumers. Since then, Sunclear officially changed its brand to Vector Optics® and is still in use today.


Shot Show In USA

In 2009, two years after the company was founded, Vector Optics gained some popularity in hunting and tactics markets, and attended its first shot show in USA.


Brand And Logo Registered

In 2012, five years after the company was founded, Vector Optics had its brand and logo registered.


USA Branch Established

In 2014, Vector Optics established our branch in Utah, USA, with considerate local service and well-trained staff.


IWA Show In Germany

In 2016, Vector Optics attended its first IWA show in Germany, and won love and support from our old and new customers in Europe


Sub-Brand VictOptics Registered

In 2018, Vector Optics registered our sub-brand VictOptics, which is featured for qualified products, practical functions and lower price.


More Sub-Brands Registered

In 2020, Vector Optics registered more sub-brands, including Rokstad, Gunpany, Vekt Defense, Vewar, Vaide and VipeRay


Brand Ambassador Program

In 2021, Vector Optics started our brand ambassador program, we welcome experienced and skilled shooters to join our pro-team and help us improve our products and services.


Continuous Progress And Improvement

Now in 2022, VE products have exported to more than 80 countries and have been recognized by masses of consumers. Looking forward, Vector Optics is continuously seeking progress and improvement, hope to company your every shoot and be your loyal partner

Vector Culture

Our Mission

To build the most valuable riflescope brand

Our Vision

To change the view on “Made in China” Riflescopes

Our Values

Innovation, integrity, intention. Accompany your every shot and be your loyal partner

Rich Product Lines For Full Applications

Featured for the durability, stability and precision, Vector Optics is rich in product lines, can fit various applications from recreational shooters to critical users, with great optical solutions in CQB, close, medium and long-range shooting. Whether you are a shooting enthusiast, competitive athlete, experienced hunter or tactical elite, you can always find an optic that’s right for you from our product lines.


Red Dots

Other Optics

Mounts & Plate



International Market Growth

Vector Optics insists on bringing our customers the most excellent product experience and the best after-sales service, is gaining increasing popularity among more and more customers. So far, Our customers have spread through 5 continents, and over 80 countries. Our sales turnover has been growing rapidly, with a 71.8% increase in 2021 compared to 2020.

Vector Overall Sales Market Share

An Ever Growing Team

As the saying goes, “things come from harmony, and strength comes from unity.” Vector Optics has always attached great importance to our team strength, and is committed to building a more skilled and trustworthy team. Till now, we have over 100 well-trained staff from multiple departments like sales, product, marketing, QC...etc., In the future, Vector Optics will continue to expand our team and offer you better products and services!

Vector Service

Response Within 24 Hours

Response Within 24 Hours

We have a skilled customer service team, 24hours online, ready to answer all your questions about our products,company or shipment

100% Detailed Inspection

100% Detailed Inspection

All Vector Optical products must go through a full product inspection before shipment,from outer appearance to the lens and optical system, down to every detail.

OEM/ODM Available

OEM/ODM Available

We support scope lens, reticles, turrets, packages, logos, and other customization services.

Shipping Within 48 Hours

Shipping Within 48 Hours

Once you place an order, we will complete the packaging ASAP and arrange an appropriate logistics method to ensure shipping within 48 hours.

Warranty Promise

Warranty Promise

All Vector Optics products are covered under our warranty policy. We offer 2 years warranty, 5 years warranty and T-VIP lifetime warranty for different product lines.

Best Price

Best Price

We integrate all quality guaranteed suppliers of rifle scope and red dot in China to provide the most competitive retail and wholesale price. 85% of our partners increased their incomes over the last year.

Vector Warranty

All Vector Optics products are covered under our warranty policy. We offer 2 years warranty, 5 years warranty and T-VIP lifetime warranty for different product lines. Click on the picture below to know our warranty policy.

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