【Weekly】New arrival. The crossbow scope is coming!

August 23th, 2022

Work hard, play hard! Team building activities in August!


What’s new before this summer ends? Well, Vector Optics just had our first group event of the year---rafting in the beautiful Moganshan! Meanwhile, August was also a memorable month for us, as August 17 was the day our company was founded. Fifteen years ago, Vector Optics started its journey; since then we have been committed to optics and optical accessories. We will continue to pursue improvement and progress.

The activity was a rare opportunity for our employees to play games together, sing, splash water, rafting, and do Texas Hold' Em. Well, we held on to the tail of summer.


These group activities were full of fun. We tasted delicious food, enjoyed the beautiful view in the mountains, and most importantly , we enhanced the cohesion the team! Many new colleagues also attented the group activity for the first time. Group activities can create a harmonious atmosphere in the game, and build the power of tacit understanding and even mutual trust in  the work. 

In the two-day trip, everyone’s talents were showcased in the games. Likewise, at  work, every team member of Vector Optics is giving full play to their talents in their position. Together, we are united as one to bring you better services and higher-quality products!

New arrival. The crossbow scope is coming!

What is a crossbow scope?

A crossbow scope is a sight attached to a crossbow that you can use to improve your shooting speed; it can help you aim and hit your target more accurately. With the scope, you can see the target and quickly track the arrow trajectory.

Crossbows are used for target shooting and hunting. Generally close range shooting, an applicable distance of 20-100 yards, more small multiplier.

At the same time, the crossbow aiming multiplier is related to the number of feet per second (FPS=Feet Per second) when the arrow is shot.

Therefore, the FPS is shown at the zoom. Crossbow sight division is not equal, but according to the arrow flight trajectory compensation to divide the crossbow ballistic sag deeper, the distance division is longer.


Now, after knowing the basics about crossbow scope, It’s time to introduce our new arrival! VICTOPTICS SCB 2-5X24 CROSSBOW SCOPE! What are the special traits of this new member? 


We have shared some basic features of crossbow scopes. Here are some additional points to consider.



Main features of VictOptics SCB 2-5X24 Crossbow Scope:

lEdge-to-Edge Image without Inside Dark Ring Around Image, 3.8in Long Eye Relief

l30mm Mono-tube Made of 6061 T6, 1/2 MOA Capped Adjustment, Power Lever Mount

lFully-multi Coated, Wide Field of View, Red & Green Illumination, with Flip-up Caps

lEtched Glass Illuminated BDC Crossbow Reticle w/ Digital Lines & Dots, 300-475 FPS

How to order?

For business:


For retail:


Or contact sales@vectoroptics.com

For cooperation, please get in touch with her@vectoroptics.com

Join our group to share or interact with real usage experiences. And the monthly giveaway and coupons is waiting for you!



FAQ of the week

1. What is the effect of different arrow weights on FPS?

Arrows of different weights will drop at different changes under the same yards.

(Three different weights of arrows: Light arrows, Standard arrows, Heavy arrows.)

In general, the heavier the arrow, the lower the FPS(1 grain=0.06g), and the greater the drop. So,three weights arrows have different FPS.

ØLight Arrows: 350-399 grains

ØStandard Arrows: 400-359 grains

ØHeavy Arrows: 460 grains and above


2. Can a rifle scope be used on a crossbow?

Yes, but it depends. Unlike rifles, crossbows have two stage of recoil, the first is directed backward and the second is directed forward, and the two stages happen within a second. Although the recoil power of a crossbow is much less compared with a rifle, not all scopes can deal with recoil from opposite directions in such a short time, some scope may break in this circumstance.

3. What types of scopes are compatible with crossbows?

ØFixed parallax under 100 yards, with 50 yards being ideal, or close-range parallax.

ØLook for a low power range, such as 1 – 4x, 2 – 7x variable, or 4x, 2.5x fixed.

ØIt should have an adjustable cross-hair focus. (adjustable diopter)

ØReticle with multiple elevation and windage marks.

ØIt should be rated for different types of weapons, including handguns, shotguns, and air rifles.

ØAsk the manufacturer if it will work on a crossbow.

4. Are red dot sight suitable crossbows?

If you are shooting at close to medium range, then red dot sights are perfect for crossbows as they have unlimited eye relief, wide field of view and very compact. 

If you have any questions or advice on VICTOPTICS SCB 2-5X24 CROSSBOW SCOPE, Welcome to contact service@vectoroptics.com for support. 

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