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Ambassador Application

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Are you a Firearms Instructor, Content creator, Veteran, or just a shooting enthusiast? It doesn't matter your profession, gender, or nationality, as long as you love shooting and have an insight into the shooting field, you're the one we're looking for!

Vector Optics has now started a Brand Ambassador Program! This is program is to thank those who have been providing support to Vector Optics and helping us improve!


As a Vector Optics Brand Ambassador, here are your "perks"

  1. Purchase products 50% off under the brand you apply

  2. Get exclusive inside information such as test unreleased new products in advance

  3. Customized product privileges including engraving on the scope, custom colors, custom turret caps

  4. Personal introduction shown on Vector Optics official website

  5. Free exclusive brand ambassador gift package per year


If you meet a few of the following requirements, all the better!

  1. Have a strong sense of brand identity for Vector Optics.

  2. Have an active social media accounts related to the shooting field which can output content

  3. Have a certain understanding and relevant experience in the shooting field

  4. Have purchased Vector Optics products and used them in shooting activities or competitions

  5. Have shared and promoted Vector Optics products on any social media platform


Becoming a brand ambassador is not an easy task! You need to...

  1. Follow VE related social platform accounts and actively interact with them to enhance the brand identity

  2. Actively share VE products on social media platforms, help to expand our potential customer base

  3. Provide us with photos, videos and other original content of VE products on a regular basis

  4. Continuously provide valuable feedback on our products and services to help VE grow

  5. Not limited to this, we welcome you to promote and support VE in other ways as well!



Catch the chance and finish application form below to apply:

Once you apply, we will review it and inform you of the result as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting VE Brand Ambassador Program.

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