Approaching Vector Optics August News & Tips

November 24th, 2020

Protect Your Investment

Many hunters like hunting in the night. As a result, a wide range of night vision riflescopes are available in the market.

These are simply riflescopes that are equipped with the ability to "see" into the darkness. You can also use rifles and other types of hunting guns during the night with near-perfect accuracy as if you were hunting during the day. Everything you need is a right type of night vision riflescope. We now carry on 2.5x50 and 4x60.


Importance in choosing the night vision riflescope is the presence of features that will make it more convenient to use it. Look at the optical system accuracy, which can come in red on green reticle. Look for push-button operation to improve usability. Look for removable infrared illuminator. Look for water resistance feature.

The best night vision riflescopes are the ones that can function in the most effective and efficient manner while on the field. It will be your personal choice so choose a worthwhile type to protect your investment.

USD 12,000 Red Dot Scope?!

There is the case with our veteran shown here. An ordinary Maverick 1x22 red dot scope still works so well after…40,000 round for 4 years.

Considering the price of 7.62x39mm ammo, we figure out the price is about $12,000.

The kind of use is the best testimonial and proof that we, Vector Optics, do our product in the right way without compromise.

Fortunately, your vector optics scope won’t cost so much high. If you wish to shoot that much ammo, at least you will think about our Vector Optics products.



26.5mm Dia w/ 25.4mm One-inch 3M Shims, made of steel, medium profile, precision CNC and quick release.


Perfect Reproduction Turret Mount Rings for German ZIELFERNROHRKARABINER 98K K98.

Secret Weapon of Mid-autumn Festival

2018 Chinese Mid-autumn festival falls on September 24.

The time-honored Mid-autumn festival boasts a history of thousands of years, it was first celebrated to give thanks for a bountiful harvest.


In Vector Optics. We have a secret weapon to celebrate this festival, something that everyone likes.

All suggestions, ideas, improvements are what we need!


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