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Dealer Application Form

Vector Optics is to research, develop and produce high level products for law enforcement and commercial markets in the world. We appreciate the time and resources our customers invest in training knowledgeable staff and providing a helpful in-store experience. Vector Optics is committed to development of innovative solutions that satisfy Consumer interest and for creation benefit maximizations and so on dealer, business.

As an authorized Vector Optics Brand Dealer, here are your "perks"

  1. Receive certification, services & support from VE experts who are highly familiar with our products.

  2. Get exclusive inside information such as test unreleased new products in advance.

  3. Listing on the Vector Optics dealer locator to help local official rights to sell.

  4. Free Vector Optics marketing and merchandising materials

  5. Appointment of strategically selected sponsored pro-hunters and pro-shooters to help awareness for the Vector Optics  brand and to refer business directly to you.

  6. Access to world class hunting and shooting products at wholesale prices  

  7. The products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

2022 General Requirements

Requirements include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. In order to become an authorized dealer/distributor of Vector Optics, you must have a fully staffed, brick-and-mortar retail location(s) with regular business hours and be able to provide quality facilities and services to customers. 

    2. Please include pictures of your location (warehouse, shop, or office), both inside and outside when submitting your completed questionnaire.

    3. Must be sign and abide by the dealer MAP agreement .

    4. Minimum requirements are $2,500 initial purchase order in optics, must include a minimum of 5 different optic/sight SKUs. 

    5. Place an initial qualifying order to establish dealership. Annual purchases totaling $15,000 or more is required to remain as an active account on VectorOptics.com. Dealers not maintaining this status will be removed from our online listings and be considered a closed account. 

      (PS. if you are new business unable fulfill purchases amount please select drop-ship account option submit form) 

    6. Providing mis-information will result in an automatic disqualification of your application.

    7. Authorized dealer/distributor should train their employees to be able to introduce products in professional, honest and knowledgeable. 

    8. Willing to learn the Vector Optics sales concepts and methodologies. Willing to add Vector Optics logo to Facebook timeline header and website home page.

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