Approaching Vector Optics April News & Tips

November 24th, 2020

Vector Optics Key Account Customers

Good News! Our company new policy about the priorities of our KA customers. It has different class KA customers: KING, QUEEN, PRINCE and so on. Let’s have a reference together.


Not only we need supply the high quality to our customers, but also give VO customers best service and more feedback. So, we will support the voucher to our customers and the voucher validity period is 90 days.


If you want to know how to be a VO KA customer and what exclusive benefits and priorities you will enjoy, we would be very glad to introduce that to you for sure.

The Sphinx Without a Secret

Since Sphinx red dot have been launched, they quickly became one of Vector Optics best deals. Only 2oz(55g) 1.9 inch(48mm),3 MOA Dot, Very Light and Compact, Excellent for rapid-shooting and moving target. Style A is auto-light-sense red dot, style B is green dot and style C is 11mm dovetail red dot.


Cost Saving by 1/6 Piece

Snap caps for 223 Rem, 7.62x39mm & 300 AAC Blackout.  

l  Practice loading & training

l  Dry fire without damage

l  Exact size of real ammo

l  Safe storage

l  Over 100 calibers

For other caliber, please contact us for confirmation.


Vector Optics Group

Countless people have made great efforts in places where we can not see. 

Since John had been one of Vector Optics, he is responsible for the quality control. Each product will be inspected by him before shipping.

It's great to celebrate his 30 years birthday and we specially invited his wife and two daughters to our company. Look at the picture they were wearing family suits. So cute!

Well done, John. Keep fighting!



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